Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Winter Watch

Yes, the lake finally is starting to freeze. There is snow on top of the frozen sections and the dipper ducks are staying at open water along the edge. There is a light snow falling. The snow plow went through - not plowing - spreading cinders. I was able to hang my yarn wreath on the front porch logs by the front door and set out a small green glass Christmas tree next to Henry after bringing in the Thanksgiving ceramic pumpkin.

The next big project will to have someone remove James' leaves and snuggle him in for the season with his scarf. Oh! I also will try to remove my 49 year old ceramic tree from the linen closet without breaking off the top. Will have to tilt it to get it past the door openings. I sure do want to have those cheery lights on for the month of December as in all of the past years. I'll have to let you know how that works out!!

Dinner last night was too much for one meal, so I'll have a repeat tonight. I had put together a dinner for one with 14 of the garlic herb shrimp from Schwan's and discovered that I only could eat 1/2! They were very good and filling over a small portion of rice and freshly cooked broccoli.

Let the season begin!
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Monday, November 29, 2021

Good Memories

Last night I watched TV and was blown away with a show special.
One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga It was produced a while back but I missed it. (I have been following Lady Gaga for some time now.) The original is on YouTube. Here is a link so you can read the professional review. Just click on it. Go there and come back for more from me.

Lady Gaga has intrigued me since I first came across her acting and singing. She has that "something!" Now to go back many years I must tell you that I have discovered stars before they were stars! 

The first was Hank Williams. In 1947 at age 11, our next door neighbor played cowboy music and I used to go to the window at the end of our upstairs hallway and listen to Hank wailing away from the neighbor's bedroom that faced our house. From then on I was hooked. I guess Hank was already becoming a popular star but I didn't know that and thought I discovered him!

Silly child.

Then next was Patsy Cline. The year was 1950. My boyfriend and I travelled with friends to a little hilltop bar in Mt. Freedom NJ because we had heard of a girl entertainer that sang cowboy songs. I knew after watching and hearing her sing in person at that little bar that she was very very special. I watched her popularity grow through the following years and played her songs constantly. Still do. I saw her in person way before she was well known.

Another was The Everly Brothers. A date with a neighbor brought us to a bar in Budd Lake NJ where this act of brothers was advertised in an enticing way. Free Show! We sat on folding chairs with the boys up front, singing and playing. A tip pot was on the wooden floor for our donation. The year was around 1951. I was 15. I knew then that they would be popular. I have no idea how I knew - but I knew! 

When I first heard Barbra Streisand sing Second Hand Rose, I was playing cards in my girlfriend's living room and the TV was going in the background. The voice and that song stopped me mid-stream and grabbed my heart really hard. Ever since then, she became one of my favorites. I don't know the year but I think I heard that song before at my parent's home with Fanny Brice singing. Barbra was better! The words of that song fit me to a "T."

My parents, especially my mother, loved music of all genres - classical, jazz, pop, hymns, instrumentals, opera, Broadway, holiday, vocal, folk, and all BUT "hillbilly." My dad sang tenor in church, and groups. The lady in the neighborhood for whom I babysat had many record collections of musical compositions of fairy tales such as Peter and the Wolfe. I played them all. I loved them all.

Now to someone VERY different! I latched on to Pavarotti because of his beautiful tenor and passionate singing. It was exciting to watch him singing. I cried when he died. 

I have THOUSANDS of music pieces on my old big computer. The sound resonates well in this high ceiling log cabin. I have developed a liking for blues - old time and new - and some new age recordings. I also like to listen to all piano recordings, even Liberace. Circus music is fun. Hawaiian music is soothing. 

Willie monopolizes my collection. Oh MY! Knew him before he was popular too! No beard, short hair, sweet eyes, unique rhythm.

I don't like hard rock or rap at all. Not music in my book.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday Special


After waking up and checking the candle at 7:30am, I saw that it burned again all night long. I was shocked that it was still flickering! THAT is a total of 72 hours of burn time. I even put a plate under it this time in case the pot cracked. Now I shall snuff it out and am satisfied that my experiment is complete.  Next action - clean the pot! Re-use the pot! 

Didn’t have kill it after all. It flickered out after 73 hours. After cleaning out, it holds exactly two cups of fluid!
Some more snow shots. Winter is here!
I like being in, looking out!

Saturday, November 27, 2021


Well it's two days after Thanksgiving and I'm still feeling thankful. I have saved my leftovers and today I have four bowlsful left for the freezer. (There were five; ate one last night.) 

The remaining turkey and gravy will make hot turkey sandwiches for the next couple of days and then will be gone. There is quite a bit still...

I must tell you that the candle is still burning and so far has a total of 51 hours with only one short interruption.
I think a dash of Baileys Irish Cream might be just the thing to sip from this empty pot sometime this evening. I had purchased a large bottle of it to have as a 60th wedding anniversary toast but that ritual was not to be. Now it beckons to me.     - Stop in - I'll share!

Even though there was a light covering of snow on the ground earlier, currently the sun is shining and the breeze is softly blowing here at the lake. However I shall remain indoors, warm and cozy.

My daughter may stop in tomorrow with a ham bone for me to make pea soup. We LOVE pea soup. This time I have a package of Kansas dried yellow split peas to try for the first time. 

Friday, November 26, 2021


No black Friday shopping for me. I like to stay in and watch the one or two flakes falling. It is slightly snowing. 

The pottery candle I lit yesterday morning at 7:30am is still burning. Yes, I left it burning all night long. It gave me a feeling of peace and comfort and seemed like a living thing. I really wonder how long it will continue to burn before the tiny wooden wick drowns in the wax. Time will tell, I guess. Smells like apple spice in here!

I'll be freezing up leftovers later and am warm and relaxed. There is nothing like peace. I sure don't envy those who are traveling. Been there - did that - no more. 

I will have to bring in my ceramic pumpkin from the porch table, clean it and put it away for another time. James is hankering for his winter scarf and his leaf garland will need to be removed soon. The yarn wreath that a very young girl made for me as a gift many years ago will be pulled off the bathroom ceiling and hung out. I think It is almost 40 years old!                                                              I treasure it.

So....have a good weekend and stay safe.

Thursday, November 25, 2021


I am so thankful for so many messages, phone calls and contacts from everyone - family, friends, and neighbors.

I am thankful to be able to cook my meal and have leftovers to package up for other future dinners.

I am thankful that I don't feel alone and have a special candle burning at the empty seat in my dining room. I lit it at 7:30 am and at 5pm it is still going strong. 

I am thankful for peace and quiet and the ability to look out my windows and see others enjoying the fresh air as they walk around the lake, probably after having their own good meal. 

Of course these are only a very few of my current feelings of thankfulness but I do experience it every day.

My beverage was a delicious glass of local cider. Next year I must remember to make some of the tiny creamed onions that everyone always loved when we fed a crowd!
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My approach is:  less is more - keep it simple. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Mamma's Baking!

In our later years, the Mister used to say whenever I pulled out stuff to bake something, "Look out! Mamma's baking!"  That really meant for anyone in the house to stay out of my kitchen. Seriously! Especially him! Yes, I never minded the kids watching and helping, but as I got older I just needed the space and quiet to make my creations. My kitchen is my domain.

Today I baked a frozen pumpkin pie from Schwan's and have no idea if it will be tasty or not. Testing will be later today. I also baked a pumpkin spice quick bread loaf from Krusteaz. I have always found that anything sold by Krusteaz comes out delicious and perfect.

BUT! last night I took a cup of dried bing cherries and covered them with Amaretto to soak overnight. Then this morning I strained them and added water to the juice to make the 2/3 cup of water that was called for on the box. That means that half of the liquid was Amaretto and the other half water.  I bounced the strained and soaked cherries around in a bowl with a little flour so they wouldn't stick together before adding the liquid, oil, eggs and mix. The results are very satisfactory.

It is always good to have Cool Whip for topping in the freezer and I especially like the extra creamy variety. 

Cleanups are always part of the 'fun to be dun'.

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P.S. Got my booster yesterday. Feeling fine.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Battle

There are so many beautiful and wonderful photos and poems being posted and written in the blogging world and here I am going against my grain showing another side. It is a 'necessary evil' to kill the tiny invaders but it is also important for me to fight this small battle against those little ones.

So far the Victor traps have very humanely ended the natural activity in the surrounding landscape of my abode. The count is climbing as is the purchase of new traps as they are activated and then deposited directly into the trash can.  

So far the mouse count is 2 inside, 4 outside plus 1 vole outside. Now if there were a humane way to discourage the little busy invasive red squirrels I might try it. They seem to have multiplied over the past few years and appear quickly and often. Oh well, I'd better leave that thought. So far they haven't destroyed my stuff but I do know of others who have been invaded and taken over by them in their outbuildings. 

Warning, the picture I took this morning might be disturbing to some. It felt no pain, believe me!

Saturday, November 20, 2021

New Pretty Artwork

As you might remember, if you have been following me for a long time, my brother (82) does glasswork (among many other projects). It was a hobby at first for many years but these days he is seriously producing numerous different patterns and sizes. He comes to me with his examples for my opinion on his designs. A couple of days ago he brought over several large ones and I told him that I liked this one best. After thinking about it, I called him later to see if he would sell me the one I really admired. Yesterday he brought it to me. It measures about 5 inches in diameter. He is also creating others of smaller sizes.

I have taken photos of my new window hanger from several different angles and you can see how the pattern appears when the backgrounds are changed. 

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His Profile is below

Click here! 

Friday, November 19, 2021


My dance of life and living continues...

The men came yesterday and sealed up the area around the chimney so when hard rain comes, it can no longer leak down the yellow bricks onto the wooden beams indoors. Well, it was a very hard rain! Shouldn't have leaked. Probably won't rain like that for  many years to come, I hope!

A delivery was made yesterday. The package contained specialty cheeses, jellies and crackers. Just in time - I was out of cheeses, and jellies! It was a gift from dear friends who live far, far over the ocean. The box also contained a note telling me that it was #1 of TWO! I am anticipating a second delivery soon.

Another delivery also arrived. It contained some smaller fleece slacks as my older warm ones are way too large for me now. (I just ordered some smaller underwear too, FYI!)

I had to call my neighbor to bring me more Victor mouse traps. I'm not emptying them and reusing. I went through all four so far. The refillable bait station hasn't been touched and the sticky glue traps are empty. Guess that tells me something. When he came I had to have him open my new jelly jars because my strength for this mundane chore has left.

A blogger I follow showed pictures of some of her porcelain birds. That prompted me to research one of several mantel pieces that have been here for a long time. (Of course they are all ducks!) My mom loved ducks.

I have this pair here
My cheery young neighbor delivered my clean laundry this morning. She picks it up every other Thursday and delivers on Friday. I'll bet she wonders why there are so many pillow cases needing to be done. Well, I drool when I sleep - doesn't everyone? The scary part of her laundry responsibility for me is that her driveway is very steep and curvy. It sure will be a challenge for her throughout the winter. As she will accept no fees nor supplies for her caring service, I'm thinking very hard about a special holiday gift suited for such generosity.

There are quite a few Canada Geese on the lake now. I hope they are just passing through. 

OH! First SNOW today! I took these just before the sun came out!
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Time to change his autumn leaves to winter scarf!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Saturday, November 13, 2021


I think I might be getting the knack of doing this ArtRageApp. Way too many possibilities and this one took 2 hours! Good project for a rainy day!

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Don't judge me!
The rain made me do this.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Eats & Leaks

I  came across a can of sausage gravy that was hiding in the cupboard.

The Mister loved to have buttered toast that was covered in this gravy and I had forgotten all about it. Actually, s.o.s .was one of his favorites too even though he had lots of that when he was in the army. 

Here is what I did. I cut a couple of slices of my freshly baked Rhodes bread, toasted and buttered it. I opened the can of gravy and scooped it into my two-cup Pyrex measuring pitcher. I like to heat things up in the microwave slow and low. While that was heating, I cooked about one third of a bag of frozen chopped spinach, then drained it completely. The spinach was put on top of each slice of toast, the gravy poured on top. It was delicious and I have enough saved for another meal. Actually the meal was quite balanced (in my way) with meat, dairy, fat, carb, green vegetable! It's not something you can just order at a restaurant! Now I have a hankerin' for calves liver - no bacon - no onions, just gently sautéed in a little butter with a side of mashed potatoes! Maybe a vegetable. 

As for the leaks...In the past years, the flashing around the chimney has had to be redone a couple of times. When we get hard rain for long lengths of time an indoor flashlight inspection is done to see if the log around the chimney at the top is at all wet. Oops! Yes, this morning the chimney was darker than it should be up there and the log on one side was dark. I called my favorite home repair business and a fellow came immediately to inspect. Monday he'll return to do the fix. There is NEVER a dull minute around here. The rain has now stopped and that is a good thing. It was coming down VERY hard for several hours here.

This graphic made me laugh! A many of you know I have the nicknames of cranny grammy and nookworm... 

P.S. I dusted a little today! Yay!

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


internet graphic
Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, my mind formed plans for today. Today was to be the day to dust - as I must! Well, I got diverted this morning and just plain do not feel like dusting! I looked around me, saw what I have in my quarters and that made me happy enough to say, "What the heck! I'll dust another day."
internet graphic
Maybe it all is because another mouse was trapped. Maybe it is because I can just look out the windows and see the lake and the birds and the large old pine tree blowing in the winds. Maybe it is because I don't have to put on shoes or go anywhere.

Then my brother called with a request for a printing of a project I made for him about a month ago. He's on a roll! Now I have to get to work.

FINALLY got my appointment for my booster Covid shot. Called the local drug store and was told I HAD to do it online! HAD to fill out many questions. At least it is local and a friend can take me. It should be easier to schedule one though. No wonder people are reluctant and/or don't have the ability to schedule online. IMOP they should just be able to walk in and get their booster! Maybe being in a rural area is the reason for online pre-scheduling??

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Down and Out

Well the little critters just licked the peanut butter off of the Victor traps and they didn't set off.  I have refilled them with dried cherries and really squashed the bait into the teeth of the metal trip pedal. That should work. (no cheese on hand)

In the meantime, I almost stepped on a dead one in the back bedroom as only its tail stuck out under the floor rug. I think it got into the d-con refillable bait station that I had put on the linen closet shelf and then went out to find water.

The war is on! By the way on November 2, 2018 the mouse count was 5, vole 1. Trap reset almost every morning.

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