Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's HERE!

YES! This is the first day of full blooms in the side yard! It's a bloomin' beautiful day.

Tiny Gem

Wood Squill
The little bright Wood Squill are one of my favorites. They have PURPLE pollen! They come every year along with the Dog Tooth Violets AKA Yellow Trout Lilies. If you'd like to learn more about them click on the link above.

Dog Tooth Violet

And best of all to me are the daffodils.
The ones closer to the cabin haven't opened yet...but they will.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

No and Yes to Bird's Nests

Ten years ago, when The Mister was recuperating from his heart surgery in May and June, I watched, from my kitchen window in the cabin, a robin build her nest in the carport. I soon saw 4 little eggs. Then, I saw 4 little heads peeking up with mouths opened wide. I saw Momma bird feed those 4 little barenaked babies. I watched their fuzz turn to feathers. One day I saw a big crow take the last one away in his ugly bill. Boy did that make me angry! Too late for any of them to be saved. I know we shouldn't interfere with nature, but DARN!

The cabin carport used to be a favorite spot for robins to raise their families every spring. That year I watched a particular pair and their nest from beginning to end and the end was so awful that I have tried to deter them from making nests there. You see, the crow found the nest and killed the little recently hatched babies right before my eyes! Never again will they do that where I can see. 

BUT! Birds and their nests and the little ones NEED to be seen sometimes. My friend in SC shared her series of Springtime discoveries of a grandchild. I made the video to remember how wonderful it is.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Foolin' With Fotos

Hootin' Anni gave me the idea to put some of my photos in collages again. I have done this before but was going through the older ones today and came up with the idea of choosing some and then making something of the assortment.

Click on image to view larger
2011 Assortment

2012 Pinks & Purples

2013 Yellow Fellows

It keeps me thinking........

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My New Pan

I bought a new bundt pan yesterday. It was to replace an old squishy silicon/polymer one that I've had for many years. The last time I took that one out, it felt sticky and was weeping and leaching oily stuff! (Went right into the trash can.)

My new one is guessed it. I baked a cake.
Cooling on wire rack

Flipped over on parchment paper-covered rack wire

Pulled onto plate by grasping parchment and  glazed

Moist and tasty treat
You get what you pay for. It was PRICEY but the cake was PRICELESS! Soooooo good.
click on image to view larger
Tip: After it had cooled for about 1/2 hour,  I put a parchment-covered wire rack over the top as I flipped it over. It then easily slipped onto the dish by just lining it up and gently pulling on the parchment.

Friday, April 24, 2015

To Light My Way...

A taste of reality is what hit me today. The electric bill arrived. $40.91 for 29 days. Last month it was $58.07. It must be our lighting system of on/off. If a light is turned on it is because it’s needed to see something. When the need is gone, that particular light is turned off immediately and the next one is switched on wherever we move to. Now, I do bake and stovetop cook and the stove is electric. I use the microwave oven often. The hot water heater is electric. The water pump comes on as the storage tank level drops. The sewer grinder is electric. The TVs both run good lengths of time as does my computer. The refrigerator runs 24/7 of course. Either the dehumidifier or the humidifier is running, according to season.  However, remember we have no dishwasher, no washer, no drier, no freezer, no other electric hog that I can think would jack it higher.

NowI dare you to go through your home and take pictures of your lights and fixtures and no fair dusting first!  It is what it is - reality. I think maybe we are old-fashioned!
Kitchen Over Stove
Over Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Wall
My Bedroom Computer Corner
My Bedroom Printer Corner
My Bedroom Dresser
Inside My Bedroom Closet
Over Bathroom Sink
Inside Bathroom Linen Closet
Mister's Bedroom Dresser
Mister's Bedroom Dresser #2
Inside Mister's Bedroom Closet
Over Dining Room Table
Over Dining Room Counter
Inside "Fibber McGee" Junk Closet
Over Living Room
Living Room Rocking Chair
Living Room Chair
Between Living Room Couch and Chair#2
Living Room Lounge Chair
Inside Carport
Inside Outdoor Porch
Functional Outdoor Flood Lights