Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Time Out

 I have to take time out for a health issue. Please don't answer. Missy (daughter taking me to emergency  today.)

Monday, December 11, 2023

Done and Done

Gonna put this one back in the box. Tried out a recipe I found on the internet that was a vintage one from Woman's Day magazine of yesteryear. The picture along with the title screamed, 'Make me! Make Me! I did just that.

Yesterday I put the ingredients together and stored the two loaves of dough in the refrigerator overnight. Today I baked.

Tops above, bottoms below. 
Unfortunately they didn't have any butterscotch flavor at all! I was disappointed. Now I have decided to add a squiggle or two of icing to perk them up a bit. I might even use almond flavoring in the icing even though they contain walnuts and vanilla already. Othewise they are fine, but just not very tasty. Sometimes you learn from your losses more than you learn from your successes. 

Saturday, December 9, 2023


Have been thinking about ordering some fresh lobster claws for a very long time. I once had tasted them at my granddaughter's wedding in 2014. The person sitting next to me at the table made a pig of himself and scarfed up almost every one that was served as an appetizer. I remember they were cold and you were supposed to dip them in the melted butter. Well I did get a taste anyway but at the time would have liked to tried more.

I've procrastinated ordering from the internet as the site I found showed how costly they are. Also the shipping fees were high. This company in Maine has been in business for many years. I worked at looking and deciding and then choosing my item. When I got to the end of filling out all of the information, the site kept jumping back to the same page and wouldn't go through. After being frustrated, I just thought it was me and decided not to try more times. Then I remembered seeing a phone number so I called and presented my problem. The fellow tried and couldn't get it to process either. He offered to place the order for me. Now I was getting antsy about the entire thing. I bit the bullet and gave him all of the information needed and he placed the order for me. A confirmation e-mail came. BUT...I still was feeling hinky about it all; worried about being hacked or taken advantage of.  

Yesterday, it was delivered. There was a note on the foam box top that said he was sorry for all of the hassle. NOW....instead of 1 lb. of frozen lobster claws and knuckles....the product was 2 lbs. of fresh lobster claws and knuckles. The cost was the same as the first order with even a $9.00 discount! Guess I made out fine, ya think? 

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Mixed Bag

First of all, my eye is still giving me grief. No matter what regimen I have tried, none has helped much. In spite of this, every day I aim to accomplish at least one project, be it large or small. Today was James 2 and the removal of his autumn leaf garland. My daughter found a piney one with cones and red berries at a garage sale and it has been attached. It was a finger-freezing. 'do not fall' project and I am on the lookout for a large red plastic ribbon to complete the job. James #1 is not decorated at all - at least at this point. No good pictures of James 2 yet, road too muddy to go out there to snap 'em.

Two days ago I kept busy cooking down the Thanksgiving ham bone and then freezing the works so I could skim off the fat that accumulates on the top before adding the split peas. Then yesterday the peas were added and the brew kept on low for many hours with frequent stirs. Two quarts were the final yield and they are in the freezer.
The ice covered the lake for only one day and then it warmed up and melted. I hoped the geese were gone, but they still remain. 

Today I will do some upgrading of paperwork and 2024 clendar marking with birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  I'm seriously considering to not create or buy and send holiday cards this year via USPS. 

Pretty soon the daily sunset will be coming later and I look forward to that.  The good thing is that everyday the view through my windows is changing. Can you see how beautiful it is through the image my neighbor took?

Oh, yes I am only a little crazy with my computer creations. I like to escape once in a while.