Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter James

He is ready but he cannot find his Christmas decorations!!!!

He wants to know why the sun won't shine on is face! I told him to turn around...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Smellin' Nice

Helena Rubinstein Apple Blossom was first launched in 1938. The perfume was subsequently purchased and produced by the company Kent Cosmetics (1988). Apple Blossom is a floral fragrance made of lily of the valley, apple blossom, lilac, anise, rose, jasmine, water lily, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and musk notes. My mother wore it all the time as I was growing up, and I echoed her choice as one of my own favorites. I found some, but It can't be shipped from England!

For many years I have used Evening in Paris after I could no longer find Original new Helena Reubinstein Apple Blossom Cologne.
I just ordered a new bottle of.....
Evening in Paris or Soir de Paris - as it is known in France, came from the daring decade of the 1920sthink glittering nightlife, flapper fashion, the heady perfume of luxury. By the 1950s, Evening in Paris was touted as "the fragrance more women wear than any other in the world." Evening in Paris is a rich floral eau de parfum blended with a slightly woody base.
My boyfriends always bought me this in the 1950's!
This is my alternate but I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS FOR MEN!
Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette Spray - The mood of the sea, the spirit of the wind... Cool Water is for the man who lives each day to its fullest. Clean and refreshing, it reflects a man's active lifestyle with a blend of lavender, menthe, sandalwood, iris and musk. Give him more of what he loves.

And daughters just gave me these two! I'm good for another 80 years. Lancôme Poême - Spirited. Adventurous. Intuitive. A fragrance beyond words. POÊME is a scent of contrasts: the icy transparent notes of Blue Himalayan Poppy embrace the intoxicating Desert Datura Flower and warm Vanillacreating something vibrant, sensual and long-lasting.
Inspired by the princesses from the past, the present and the future, 'Flora by Gucci' Eau de parfum spray has a subtle and sophisticated floral scent. Notes: citrus zests, kumquat, mandarin, pear, osmanthus, peony, rose, pepper, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla.
Lucky ME!
Note: All descriptions found on the internet.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Creative Flow

 Well, I will now move on to other things. My creative juices have stopped flowing and I’m bored. 

First it was Annie Applehead, then I started to make her a partner, Andy Applehead. As he dried his large teeth stayed large and he began to look awful. He was slow-dried for five days in the oven to cut the time from three weeks to less than one.  He matured into becoming Angie Applehead. 
Pucker up!!
While Andy was changing I made another corn kernel necklace and incorporated a wired shaped eight with corn to use as its pendant. The threading was tricky trial and error to have it fit and hang “just right.”
 Click on image to count the kernels

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


If I wear my tight trousers on Thanksgiving Day will I eat less? If I wear my new necklace will it remind me how uncomplicated life can really be?

The Turkey breast that stays at home is sliced and ready for snacks and sandwiches. Easy does it!

Did you know that frying turkeys first became popular in the south? This oven roasted and oil browned turkey breast is so juicy and tender! Fully cooked, tender plump and juicy…it's melt-in-your-mouth delicious!  It was shipped to me from Virginia. No tax, no shipping! YUM!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Good Old Threads

I wonder why I love old things so much. Not the fancy stuff but the everyday useful items. Yesterday I needed to hem a pair of slacks and wanted to use a thread that would not break easily. I turn to this thread often for repairs. As I looked at the spool, I finally realized it might be ‘special.’ 

I have two wooden spools of 2 oz. thread. One is white, the other black thread. I have used it for various repairs many years and don’t remember how I came to have them in the first place. They measure 2 1/2 inches tall x 11/2 inches diameter. After an entire afternoon research project devoted to the source of the spools with the information that was stamped directly into the wood spool at both ends, I still don’t really know the purpose of  MY thread, its age and history. 

  My scans of my thread spools  

Please click on image to view larger

Some research results:
Town connection was Lowell, Mass.

Lowell Thread Mills 1830-1850 in operation.
Meyer Thread Company was in Lowell, Mass and was registered as a domestic profit corporation in 1922.

Threads were used for:
   Shoe and Hat repair
   Automobile upholstery

I also have one white and two beige spools the of same size and one has a paper label that reads, Hy-Mark, Paramount Thread Co., New York. C-30 Glace Thread. I’ve used it for sewing on buttons and for basting but never on the sewing machine. The main information I could find is that the Parmount Thread Co. is an inactive business, started February 21, 1946 filed in New York County, New York. It’s dissolution was March 23, 1987 These Hy-Mark threads could be as old as 69 years or as new as 28 years.

Holiday Cheer

  More Happy Posts coming your way, thanks to the idea from Hootin' Anni!
I happily introduce you to the birth of Andy Applehead who is now drying out and aging.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Annie Applehead

I haven't made one of these for YEARS!  It's always fun to see how they turn out! I was too lazy to make her a hat and dress. I plan to make Andy Applehead soon to be her partner. I have returned to being a child again. They say it happens to old people who are young at heart! Sorry to post so many but I JUST COULDN'T DECIDE WHICH I LIKED BEST. They say that happens to old people too. 
To kiss her sweet face just click on image!

The One That Got Away

One of these things doesn't belong....
Click on image to view larger

Glad it isn't ours!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Old Pal..

We have a Rat Terrier and he didn't do his job! "Pal" is 16 years old and deaf. His energy is high when outdoors, but he sleeps for hours and hours on "his" couch in the living room. He tells us when it it time to eat by waking up and staring. He wanders back and forth from the Mister to the back door when his out time is pushing. BUT, he is not doing his job. He is not finding the critters outdoors, both above and underground, that he is bred to locate and remove. If one were indoors he would ferret it out as he did when we had an invasion of mice so many years ago. 

It was a big surprise to find this critter in the MOUSE trap that is set by the back door, behind a step stool so the terrier wouldn't set it off. It is a FIRST. We have not ever caught one before. There is absolutely nothing, nothing at all around the cabin that we know of, that would attract these. We don't have a compost pile. We don't throw peelings or anything out on the ground.  Maybe he was looking for a warm winter shelter? We missed his demise by minutes as this picture is NOT altered. 
The poop scoop, formerly an old coal scoop, measures 4 inches across by 7 inches long, not including handle.  We wonder where all the feral cats that live in the woodlands here were, when this guy was wandering through.