Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wonderful Woodpiles

I went for a ride through the countryside with a friend the other day and kept seeing wonderful woodpiles. Yes, I said, WONDERFUL WOODPILES.  Woodpiles mean to me that winter is just around the corner. I'm sure you don't think I'm talking about bonfires or campfires! Woodpiles mean that many people are preparing for the season with hard work to keep warm. Did you know that use of wood as a fuel source for heating and cooking is much older than civilization?  For some, it's all the heat they will have in their homes. For others, it means hot water in the home piped in from the outdoor wood furnace. Some even burn wood to see the beauty of wood flame in the fireplace and to feel cozy.  Throughout the area the pleasant aroma of wood smoke is already permeating the surrounding hillsides and valleys.

Some people make neat piles; some piles are created messy and some are outrageously scattered in every spot in the yards.  Some people stack their wood precisely and in an organized manner and others stuff it on and under their porches, in garages, sheds, and under tarps. Much wood here is still in long logs or cut up but is not yet split and must be very soon. Woodchoppers better hurry!

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  1. My goodness....that is something you don't see here in the subtropics. What a massive chore that must be.`

  2. You don't see that around here but go about 40 miles west, just outside the Boston metropolitan area and the scene is dramatically different. Same for traveling north. I just hope we don't have 9 feet of snow again this year. My gas bill was through the roof!