Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Resulting Thank You Card.

So SWEET! K-3 challenged kids who call themselves my "Peer Pals."



Elementary School Project

Hi My Out of State Friends!

One of my dearest friends and neighbor is a school teacher and the Lifeskills class is doing a project where they are trying to receive a postcard from every state in America. If any of you would like to help them by sending their class a postcard from your state, they would greatly appreciate it and send you a personal thank you note. Their address is:

Lathrop Street Elementary

c/o Mrs. Benninger/Mrs. Petrewski

130 Lathrop Street

Montrose, PA 18801

Be sure to put a return address on your card and they will reply!

Thank you so much for your time and involvement in this project. I would really like for you to participate. Gere

By the way, I have really nice personal friends in TN, GA, WV, KY, WI, SC, CT, NC, VA, OH, NY, FL and more. I'll contact them via e-mail messages. I don't have anyone in MA, TX, or IL. This is why I'm hoping you'll participate.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Electronic Technology

There are plusses and minuses! For sure! We traveled yesterday 30 miles to our nearest Walmart store to stock up on items that we can't find here locally and for the bulk packages of paper necessary supplies and such. My husband takes one cart and goes his way with a list and I go my way with a list. We have a meeting spot near the exit and usually check out one at a time, depending who is finished shopping first. We then wait for the other to appear and head home.

I approached a line to check out and my husband was two people ahead of me, already scanned, cart all loaded, but he had a look of dismay as he stood there. I waved to get his attention. He didn't see me, but the clerk did. He was upset because his bank debit card was rejected - twice and he didn't know why. He told the clerk he'd have to wait for me and my card. She then pointed to me and he told me his problem. The man behind him was nice, waiting with only one item and not fussing at all. I moved forward, dug out my card and, it too, was rejected! I just said, "No problem, I'll write a check," and did so, and handed it to the clerk. She asked to see my driver's license photo - OK that was good. She then scanned my check and - GAVE IT BACK TO ME! It was just an electronic transaction, she said. The most ironic thing is, that I almost never carry my checkbook with me and did that morning. I have no idea why I stuffed it into my small purse, but how convenient that I did! On a day when it was needed!

Meanwhile the man between us just chuckled and waited patiently. He then checked out his meager purchase, paid with cash, moved on, and I unloaded my cart. When it came time to pay, I had to write another check, present it, and have it handed back to me. Meanwhile, the line behind me was growing quite lengthy! I couldn't wait to get out of there.

To the bank and then home we headed, still a bit rattled. The clerk at our lovely small hometown bank told us that the whole system was shut down for a while and was undergoing upgrades, was up and running now!

Part 2. The PLUS
Our fourth grade grandson's class experienced the joy of talking with other fourth grade students in TEXAS on a live videoconference via webcam and skype connection. Their experience was published in the local paper. I've attached the link to the article here. It was a very good experience for all of them.

Check out the report. I found it very innovative and good for the youth of today. (you may have to copy and paste address in a separate web address line)

It wipes out our embarassing experience.