Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thinking Back...


Something you didn't know about me - I have raised and returned to their own habitat, baby squirrels, baby rabbits, baby raccoons, baby groundhogs, baby possums, baby crows, baby owls and more. In fact, the baby squirrels and baby rabbits were put in a clothes basket with my momma cat and she nursed and groomed them along with her own kittens. When they became too playful in the house, I set them free. The squirrels took a long time to adjust to the wild and came, precariously, from the tree to the house on the clothesline, begging for fig newtons

(their favorite cookie).

I once looked after oriole peeps in a hanging basket that I pinned on the clothesline, too. It had fallen from a tree when they were very young and I found it on the ground. I would reel it out to the tree and the mother would feed them. I would reel it in to the house so I could see how they were doing. One day they weren't there. I don't know if they flew or were eaten by hawks. The basket was empty except for many little white mites!

I learned early on that if I let the small kittens outdoors the hawks would swoop one up - drop it to kill it - swoop down, get it and fly away. I saw this happen! At first, I thought the kittens had wandered into the woods and got themselves lost, but I could never hear their cries nor find them. It was very upsetting to me.

I killed the crow with "kindness!" Jester was doing nicely in a large homemade cage. We had a vacation planned to go to the seashore for the weekend and I put a whole ear of field corn in the cage to last him until we returned. Well......when we came home, he was dead, clutching the perch, with the empty corn cob laying nearby. His crop was huge. We figured he pigged out! Of course he didn't have enough grit in his crop to grind up that much hard corn in one sitting! Lesson learned.

The raccoons were kept in the horse trailer. I bottle fed them. They were very noisy and loving. When the male became a bit aggressive, I set them free. Did you know that they don't actually wash their food? I always had a dishpan of fresh water for them and they would dunk their kibbles before eating. It became apparent that they don't have enough saliva-production to eat.

The owls were in auto accidents. Stunned and a bit brain damaged, they were fed bits of hamburger meat until well. It was my brother who found them lying on the road.

If you wonder how I obtained all of these babies, be assured they were all orphans to begin with! That's another story.

Six years ago, when Ed was recuperating from his heart surgery in May and June, I watched, from my kitchen window in the cabin, a robin build her nest in the carport. I soon saw 4 little eggs. Then, I saw 4 little heads peeking up with mouths opened wide. I saw Momma bird feed those 4 little barenaked babies. I watched their fuzz turn to feathers. One day I saw a big crow take the last one away in his ugly bill. Boy did that make me angry! Too late for any of them to be saved. I know we shouldn't interfere with nature, but DARN!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Water Over The Dam

This morning, between raindrops, I put on my boots - AGAIN! - and ventured out and over the dam. It was NOISY but BEAUTIFUL!

We've had way too much wetness and storms and the April showers that brought May flowers are SMASHING them down!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pollen in the Cove

Hopefully, when we return it will be ALL gone!
It WAS beautiful, though.

When the Ceiling Fixture Fell......

Yes! You can see it being re-hung by a dear friend, Mr. Watts. REALLY.

Ed was dusting it and BAM! down it came. He wasn't hurt and neither was the dog nor the wagon wheel hanging light that my pop put up here around 50 years ago.

All OK now.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Curiosity Satisfied

Yesterday and this morning, because it's really raining and nasty outdoors, I've been trying to catch up with identifying some of the photographic studies of the subjects I find at the campground. Lately it's a little purple flower, fungus on tree, mushrooms on the campsites, and a pet bug - a very tame bug that stayed with me for quite a while.

The internet is so very helpful and I've found a great site to help me with this endeavor:

As you know by now, I've always been interested in the natural and beautiful things that surround me. Now I know that the little lavender flowers I photographed have a name.

The large and damp bulbous growth on the side of a tree is a giant Birch polypore! I hope it's still there when I go to SC in May. I want to cut it open and examine it closer.
Giant Birch Polypore

Agaricomycetidae (Gill Subclass of Boletaceae)

Boletaceae- Bolete Family


Box Elder Bug (Isn't he beautiful!!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music is my Heartbeat.

Seriously, I have always believed that music is a wondrous creation that actually DOES soothe the soul. I know it for a fact, personally. Today I'm playing the classics. The internet has given me the opportunity to REALLY enjoy myself while I work. It makes me feel good when the day is dreary and cold. It makes me feel just fine when life seems boring. I don't even have to dig into the CD collection. I have donated my cassettes and old LP, 78 and 45 records away to others through the past few years. It was a painful decision, but the need for space rose above the hoarding instinct and I'm not sorry.

Have you ever thought about which you would rather have if you had your "druthers?"I swing back and forth between the sense of sight and the sense of sound and still haven't come to a conclusion. I'm so lucky to have both working so efficiently still.

Now I can swing and sway and dance and tap and clap and also look outside my primitive abode to enjoy the sights of nature as well. Won't you join me?

I have a great selection pegged of almost all types: classical, opera, film, orchestra, instrumentals - organ, piano, guitar, saxophone, drums - rock and roll, country (the "old kind"), blues, ragtime, folk, gospel, dixie, jazz, marching bands, children's and almost all others. My playlists contain HUNDREDS of my hand picked selections. I don't care for hip hip or rap. Maybe it's my age.

For instance, "Peter and the Wolf" is a wonderful narration with music that brought back my childhood memories. If you have never heard of Kitaro, just listen to his. WOW!

I even have a manifest of my favorite crooners and singers, and perhaps some of them are on your list as well.

A hint: Wear large and wonderful headphones to really lose yourself and you won't bother others in your nearby surroundings.

Try making your own.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Start of a New Week

This will be a busy one. Today we have to take "Pal" to the vet for his annual booster and 3 year rabies injections. His Science Diet food supply is always purchased there, both canned and kibbles, plus it's time for a Heartgard replenishment. It will be a costly morning. He's absolutely worth it, and at age 10, is vibrant, healthy and gives us much joy.

I will have my annual lab bloodwork tomorrow in preparation for the once-a-year checkup. The only thing that I know, is that my endurance has faded and my body has enlarged! (Probably related, ya think?)

My husband has just had the truck inspected and serviced and is ready for travel south in two weeks. The car is scheduled for the same, to stay home and be ready for July, when we return. There's grocery shopping, a trip to town for laundry, a 30 mile trip to Wal*Mart for necessary economical needs in larger sizes and a bi-annual dentist appointment for checkup and cleaning all on the calendar for this week.

I want to create three birthday cards on the computer to take with us for my May birthday daughters and grandson. I WILL find time.

The sun is shining brightly as I write and James is back with restored headpiece arrangement after being battered and blown with the spring storms last weekend.

I see buds on the trees now and a very VERY large woodpecker was on the ground this morning poking his awesome bill in the damp earth for grubs.

The week has begun.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thinking Back..

The children eventually numbered six, but back in 1966 there were four - all dressed up for Easter Sunday. I notice stockings and gloves on the girls and tie clips on the boys.

There was snow still on the ground in northern New Jersey that day, but not one of the youngsters looked cold or uncomfortable.

Yes, times have changed.

My Handle

Because I was "Bookworm" for so many years for e-mail, when I changed internet servers I couldn't keep it so I changed it to "Nookworm." I don't know what I'll do when and if I ever change again. The only other names I can come up with would be "Hookworm" or Cranny Nanny." I think I like the latter best, don't you? (Just think of an old goat that hides in her corner.)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Windy and Rainy Today

I will have to get outdoors to take a picture of James when the rain and excessive and sustained winds have died down. His headpiece is all a-tilt and his scarf is wrapped un-stylishly! Maybe tomorrow...maybe.

GMR 2003

Because we are stuck inside today, we have been busy moving furniture, dusting, taking down window coverings, washing windows and doing all sorts of indoor pressing spring maintenance and upkeep. YUK! I don't like it but, if we are to head south again in two weeks, it must be done. It's a necessary annual ritual, I guess. The dust was flying!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring 2011

James is ready for Spring and so am I! The ice on the lake has dissipated and the stones and gravel that the snowplow pushed onto the lawns has been raked back into the road.