Monday, April 18, 2011

Start of a New Week

This will be a busy one. Today we have to take "Pal" to the vet for his annual booster and 3 year rabies injections. His Science Diet food supply is always purchased there, both canned and kibbles, plus it's time for a Heartgard replenishment. It will be a costly morning. He's absolutely worth it, and at age 10, is vibrant, healthy and gives us much joy.

I will have my annual lab bloodwork tomorrow in preparation for the once-a-year checkup. The only thing that I know, is that my endurance has faded and my body has enlarged! (Probably related, ya think?)

My husband has just had the truck inspected and serviced and is ready for travel south in two weeks. The car is scheduled for the same, to stay home and be ready for July, when we return. There's grocery shopping, a trip to town for laundry, a 30 mile trip to Wal*Mart for necessary economical needs in larger sizes and a bi-annual dentist appointment for checkup and cleaning all on the calendar for this week.

I want to create three birthday cards on the computer to take with us for my May birthday daughters and grandson. I WILL find time.

The sun is shining brightly as I write and James is back with restored headpiece arrangement after being battered and blown with the spring storms last weekend.

I see buds on the trees now and a very VERY large woodpecker was on the ground this morning poking his awesome bill in the damp earth for grubs.

The week has begun.

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