Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Along the Way...

As we travel to SC I see some interesting and humorous signs along the way. This time I wrote a few down on a memo pad to document them. I forgot to do this in PA, MD, WV, and NC so those are missing….for now.

Betsy's Bloomers-SC Floral Shop
Brown Syrup Road-SC Street Sign
Dismal Hollow-VA Town
Freezeland Road-VA Street Sign
Gravelly Gully Road-SC Street Sign
Holy Corner Road-VA Street Sign
Iris's Irises-VA Personal Property Sign
Knotty Branch Road-SC Street Sign
Loretta's Lilies-SC Road Stand
Naked Mountain Winery-VA Advertisement Sign
Pee Dee River-SC Bridge Sign
Pick A Part-SC Auto Supply Advertisement
Powhite Parkway-VA Road Sign
Po River-VA Bridge Sign
Spiffy Drive-SC Street Sign
Summerduck Road-VA Street Sign
The Worm Farm-SC Direction Sign
Tinkertown Road-SC Street Sign
Twisted Sisters Restaurant-VA Business
We've Got FRUGGIES!-SC Sign for ???
Wonderland Road-SC Street Sign
Woodduck Place-VA Street Sign

I looked up Fruggies and found three very different meanings.

1. Called Fruggies, the chewable tablets contain the dietary equivalent of everything but the kitchen sink: algae, aloe vera concentrate, broccoli, carrots, spinach, onions, cherries, raspberries, strawberries and kiwi. In all, 27 fruits and vegetables are crammed into the dime-sized tablets.

2. Fruggies Salad - Well.. fruggies is fruits and vegetables. Basically you can use any kind of fruits and vegetables you like, it’s the dressing that counts.
3. A farm market selling fruits and vegetables.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Exploration Riding

The winds were high yesterday and the sand really burns your face and legs and any other part that is exposed so.........I didn't venture on to it at all. First, I don't want to get sand in my camera OR in my eyes. Secondly, I'm very afraid of sunburn and wasn't wearing my beach cap and didn't cover myself with ooey-gooey sunscreen. I have yet to find a sunscreen that repels sand OR sun. They just don't - for me. I just took pictures in the less "dangerous" settings. More flowers will come to you later. They all are very beautiful and full this season.

I found some leftover hay bales that were abandoned when the beach ride was finished in November. This is the only campground that lets horses and all other equines camp here during that time. It is an annual event and fundraiser for the heart association. It is wonderful!

Then I went up on the sand-covered ramp to become a "beach-head" while bucking wind and trying to get good shots.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Magnificent Plant

All I can say is that I sure hope it blooms while I'm here!

Never before, in the 15 years that I have been here for the length of time consisting of 2 months in May and June has this plant EVER produced this stalk. How exciting to think that it may bloom before I return  to PA. It actually looks like a GIANT asparagus.

What do you think?

agave [əˈgeɪvɪ ˈægeɪv]
(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Plants) any plant of the genus Agave, native to tropical America, with tall flower stalks rising from a massive, often armed, rosette of thick fleshy leaves: family Agavaceae. Some species are the source of fibres such as sisal or of alcoholic beverages such as pulque and tequila See also century plant

century plant
(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Plants) an agave, Agave americana, native to tropical America but naturalized elsewhere, having very large spiny greyish leaves and greenish flowers on a tall fleshy stalk. It blooms only once in its life, after 10 to 30 years (formerly thought to flower after a century) Also called American aloe

Friday, May 3, 2013

Separation Anxiety

It comes on about three times a year when we leave for a different space. They tell me I'm addicted. Yes, I am. However....

I now can bring little brother with me - he arrived in March of this year. His body and carriage are streamlined.

No more separation anxiety - well, to be truthful, not as much. I love my old Mac but he still will have to wait until I return.

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Springtime Photos Around Home

Today's Photos...

Sedum, Iris, Lilly of Valley

Underwater Walkway
"Step Right In"
Clothesline Shadow
"Bright Shadow"

Springtime Memories

Another very nice day to wander around home after hanging laundry. There were some very tiny fishes near the water's edge. And the perennials are poking up and doing well. It's dandelion time! Years ago, many years ago, I would gather my kids together to pluck and toss the little yellow heads in buckets and bring them home to make wine. It took many buckets and is too much work for me now. I have kept my Grandmother's recipe. 

It's dandelion wine-making time!
(written by me in 2010)
The fields are covered with these lovely yellow blossoms. Pick them mid-day when they are at their fullest. Get your big bucket and scram! The following is my grandmother's recipe. I remember my mother making this. I have made it several times, too, but once in a while it would turn out just like VINEGAR! When it's good, it's VERY VERY GOOD! (Just like Mary Contrary.)
6 Qts. blossoms, no stems.
Pour 8 qts of boiling water over them; let stand 24 hours. Do not have on the stove at all.

Strain and put in large jar or crock, then add 7 lbs sugar and stir until dissolved; add three sliced lemons and three oranges; let stand together 4 days.

Take out the fruit after pressing out the juice, and strain again to take out the thick fruit, then let stand in cellar three or four weeks.

Bottle it but do not put corks in tight, just laid on top, do not seal until all fermentation ceases.

Mother's note: "I think the crock should be covered with a cloth to keep out dust.
(Not a tight lid.)"

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Feeling Creative Today

I have made over 500 photo manipulations on the computer since 2008 when I discovered I could. Now I still make them and I've never had the application called "Photoshop" that so many others use. I found free programs on the internet and I use two that are contained in my computer software. Imaging editing is enjoyable for me to learn and I've explored and experimented with every option I have found.

I use almost all of my own photos, but once in a while, I create with friends' photos. They tell me they don't mind. My friends are very tolerant.

Today I took the digital files of the Sunday Spring Walk and amused myself with them. I have put together a collage that is pleasing to me. My husband says my creations are not very understandable as artwork, but I really don't care because the fun is in the creating.

The resulting collage is this one.
It consists of 11 individual works. 
Click on photo to view larger.

It's my desktop photo today. 
(I have a very large computer screen.)