Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recycling Bread

Made sweet, sticky brown sugar bread pudding with "homemade" bread! This should appease my sweet tooth!

I made the bread the day before and didn't like it. It was from a mix. It was tasteless! What do I do with bread I don't like? I jazz it up, of course. Can't bear to throw any food away - not even to the birds who have plenty to eat around here. 

Since taking the pictures, there are several pieces missing from the 8" x 12" pan. Unfortunately I won't be able to share with my neighbor who oftens walks past because she has left for a short trip and will be gone all week. Sorry, Margie!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mesmerized by Shapes and Sights

Yesterday was a day to go outdoors. I get energized when the weather is becoming seasonally correct and it is now REALLY SPRING! and....this is MY country.

"This Is My Country" is an American patriotic folk song composed in 1940. 
The lyrics are by Don Raye.

So, off on a quest for photo opportunities. Surprise!
 I found some! Well....many.

First, I spotted the curvy stone wall down the road...

Then sculptures of metal...

I never saw one bird or squirrel or any other critter!
Came home tired but happy.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

21 Day Bean =Moving Day

Bean was getting way too large to keep indoors as it was reaching for the ceiling with nothing to hang onto. I was hoping to take it with me to SC next week, but seriously think it can survive better here. It would be much more difficult to bring it back to PA after 2 months in the South! So I gambled and put it outside in a sheltered area that gets some sun in the morning. The temperature went to 62° today! It's "do or die" and it's "doin'" today.

I hope it remembers its roots and grows big pods - YES! 
September 2012

November 2012

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Otherwise known as learning by doing, so I did.

It was so nice outdoors this morning that I took laundry to town and HUNG IT OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR! YEA! I had to stand on a footstool that we carry in the vehicle when we travel so I can get in the truck easier because of my shoulder injury last year, but I did it! I hung out laundry on the clothesline!

Then, feeling so proud of myself, I dug out my tripod that I had buried deeply in the closet thinking I wouldn't be able to use it much anymore. I first had to practice its use and the tilting feet were frozen, but husband got them unstuck and I relearned the various functions until I thought I had it under control. Donning brimmed cap and sweater, out the door I went. Now you must know that I only once ever used the Panorama mode and it came out terrible and warped and not good at all. Determination and persistence "seem" to have paid off, because the results are very satisfactory - to me at least! I already have discovered that, after uploading them to the computer, if I view them as large as possible they don't look warped at all. It looks as if I'm really standing in the road and turning around and looking out over the lake. What do you think? 
Please view them as large as you can 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring in Northeastern Pennsylvania

I looked back through my recent posts and saw that Spring came in at the SC campground where we go often, in early March. In fact, on March 20, I posted photos of turtles, egrets, blue herons and the state flower, Yellow Jassamine. 

Well it FINALLY arrived around Cabin Tranquillity, located in the Endless Mountains Region of PA.That is wonderful for the upcoming local and nearby events as some are held outdoors and we are all tired of being so cold!

I actually stepped foot outside and took some pictures.

I'm sorry to say the forsythia is not yet in bloom as it has been at this time in the past, but the daffodils are my harbingers of spring; (and the ducks, geese and nesting birds have all returned and are very busy).

As James was being undressed after wearing his winter attire since September, I noticed that he is shedding all of his outer skin (bark) and will look different soon. It had to happen as time goes on.....I'm going to leave him unclothed until July, when he will again become a patriotic guardian.

Several of our state trees, the Eastern Hemlock, grow around the cabin and, for many many years, the one on the bank of the lake's edge has been the home for several different varieties of bird. We call it the woodpecker tree because the large hole in the trunk which faces the cabin exposes their activities so well. My dad once cautioned us to never cut it down with a chain saw because he had filled that hole with concrete in an effort to save the tree from dying. ????? Well, the opening must have expanded because it is still a hole and the tree lives on in spite of its repair.

I just love Spring's awakenings!