Sunday, February 28, 2021


Yesterday was the birthday of both a grandson and a great grandson. Alex is now 32 and Angelo is 26. Alex loves his little twin nephews, age 2. Angelo is the father of two boys, ages almost 2 and almost 6. 

Boys are full of great things, adventurous things, magical things, wild things, active things, and sweet things! Keep plenty of bandaids in Stock!
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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday Happenings

The Mister fell AGAIN this morning as he was walking cross the living room to the kitchen to refill the humidifier container. It seems that when he is carrying something in one hand it puts his balance off enough to cause the fall. This time a nasty elbow skin tear. Lots of blood. He simply does NOT pay attention and moves along without thinking. He did not trip! He just fell over. I watched it happen. DANG do I EVER HATE cleaning up the bloody messes. I have to move a kitchen chair next to him so he can pull himself up to a standing position. 

Today it's raining and I have been busy - before the fall - slicing and dicing fresh carrots and celery in prep for stew or soup or something. I also have a loaf of bread just out of the oven. It is the frozen style and bakes really well and is easy peasy! Rhodes is the brand. There are packs of either 3 or 5 frozen loaves in a bag. The cost is about $1.00 per loaf and it is very good!
Now back to nurse duty as most of the bleeding has stopped and  bandaging is required. See attached photos of injury.
Hangin' in here....Not a happy camper. 
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Friday, February 26, 2021

Almost March..

Each day brings us closer to less snow, more mud, but it's OK, it's nature's way.  We got out this morning to pick up Ed's meds and to get our two week laundry done. The driveway was a sheet of ice here and we were lucky enough to be able to find an 8 lb. container of snow melt stuff; wouldn't want to have the Schwan's delivery guy fall when bring our frozen foods next Tuesday! Also it will be safer taking our trash to the curb on Tuesday as well. The Mister takes the car to the mailbox instead of tempting fate! He did loose his balance in the parking lot of the hardware store today, fell right down and cut his finger and bruised hand but otherwise not hurt. Guess having a cane in one hand and the snow melt in the other when trying to open the back door of the car was just too much. There goes my dishwasher for another week or so!!

Looking  back, what  was the thing to do when driveways and walkways were slippery? Wood ashes were spread. Not anymore.

Friends in Barre, Ontario Canada sent pictures today. The images below show what they have there.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021


I slept very well last night, believing that the beam that runs above my bed (head) wouldn't collapse and be the cause of the end of me. Although the sun wasn't shining at 9am when I took pictures this morning,  I just want to show you the heaps of snow surrounding us here. It is now 10:15am, 36° and the sun is out doing its job of melting our piles. Well - somewhat! I cannot go out to the road to get different photo angles as the ground and driveway are very icy. We have run out of snow melt. It's OK. I need to clean the bathroom and the Mister is vacuuming. Household chores will be done today. Maybe we'll be able to get out and take a trip tomorrow to the laundromat. Only 22 days until Spring!

I'm in the carport looking out.

I'm at the back corner of the carport
looking along the high bank behind the cabin.
I'm at the front corner of the carport.
Back inside looking out.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Stuck and Saved

Yesterday was our scheduled trash pick-up day. To my horror I saw the truck coming around the corner and starting to travel across the dam road to our place when ..........he went straight instead making the curve! Oops! Landed on the snow-covered slope of the bank. Thank goodness it didn't roll over or onto the lake ice. He walked over here to see if we had any idea who to get to pull him up and out of his predicament.  There is a large logging business right on that corner so I called there to see if they had men and/or equipment to help. Two fellows checked out the situation and said he really needed a wrecker with a winch. After about two hours one came and did the job.

As it was so far away I never even thought to grab the camera, besides I was more concerned about the driver. He was soooo upset. It was a brand new truck and his boss was fuming! Yes, the road was plowed but not cindered. Today he returned and picked up our trash with the new truck. He was awfully quiet and I felt really sorry for him.  

This morning the swinging door to my bedroom was hanging up on the overhead beam. WARNING! Too much snow on the roof. I contacted the company that put on our new metal roof this summer. The business fellow and his two sons are in Utah enjoying winter there, but his secretary said she could send out a couple of men to clean the roof. Now we know this is new. In the past, the heat inside rose and the roof melted down OK. Now we are better insulated with a heavier roof and the snow is staying. The men came and worked for almost two hours.  The fellow said there was about 3 ft. on the porch roof and the carport roof and almost as much on the main roof. They had to be careful to not scrape it into the ditch behind the cabin because when it melts it would fill the ditch with water and then we would have water seeping into the back log walls. They scraped it sideways back there and then off behind the carport. I will be billed later. I was told it should cost about $100-200. We shall see. The door swings nicely now and there are heaps and heaps of snow surrounding our home.

See the beam that goes over my head!

See the same beam exiting the doorway gap at top and see the bow of doorway!

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Monday, February 22, 2021

More Snow Today

Darn! I was hoping the sun would come out! I took these shots yesterday when the sun wasn't shining at 7:30am. Boring window views yes, I know! 

It was also cold at 7:30am. 

The unusual thing is that we never saw temperatures go below zero this year. VERY unusual! This is looking out through the bathroom window.

Now I have a funny story to tell you about what happened to a relative who lives about nine miles away. They have a long uphill curvy driveway to the home.

“We discovered that after the snow on Thursday, FedEx delivered 2 packages but did not drive up our drive!  Instead they put the 2 packages in our garbage container! It was a chore to get them out as the container was frozen to the ground so we could not tip it over. We had to take a heavy rake and pull them out! Glad there was nothing fragile in them!”

I'm guessing that the driver thought the packages would be protected there. He did his best to deliver! Good thing the container was empty!

Well, that's all folks. It is 24° and fine snow is coming down fast at 11:30 on this Monday morning. Good thing we got our grocery shopping done yesterday. More snow expected for tomorrow. Only 26 more days until SPRING!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Another Birthday!

This little darlin' just celebrated her first birthday. She's a great granddaughter. The family doesn't live nearby and photos are a joy for me to see. Her older sister is now 5. She's our great grandaughter #3. There are 9 great-kids (six boys) altogether, besides the 2 great-great boys! I also recently got word that there will be another great baby in the family soon. 

I wonder which family member she's imitating here!

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Power Out in Texas

I have a blogging friend who lives in Corpus Christi and has had to go through the power outage there. Thank goodness I heard from her today that things are getting better for them.  I had once mentioned to all of my friends that the stand-by generator that we had installed here six years ago was the best money we ever spent. It still is. BUT!!! When I read that the generators in her area froze up I had never been warned about this. I researched and found the following: 

"During the winter months, standby generators need proper maintenance and grooming in order to operate properly and efficiently. Leaves, sub-freezing temperatures, snow, and ice can all damage your standby generator if not properly maintained and can prevent your standby generator from starting and running during a winter power outage."

"Exercise Your Standby Generator - Just like letting your car run for a few minutes during winter, a standby generator needs to be exercised or run for approximately 10 minutes during long periods of inactivity during cold temperatures. Without this exercise your standby generator may not automatically turn on or operate correctly in temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent your generator from not turning on when you need it most, let it run for approximately 10 minutes, once per week. Doing so lubricates all moving parts and maintains important seals within your generator."


The folks who had their generators freeze up must have not kept them well maintained. That's really a shame. Ours is thoroughly serviced every Autumn and it automatically runs for 12 minutes every Saturday without fail. The Mister also checks the oil level and keeps snow and ice away from the inlet and outlet. 

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Keepin' Busy

Today my great grandsons celebrate their 2nd birthday. The weather is currently heavy rain. What a shame. They are really cute little guys and loved by so many! I played with a few of their recent photos. Their mom told me they move so much that it is really difficult to get a clear shot. She gets them sleeping often - sometimes with the cats or dog.

You will have to look closely to see the "double exposure" effect. I've just started experimenting with this option. 

Here are the originals:
And I baked a bread pudding. I added almond slivers and golden raisins this time. Soooo good!
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