Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Stuck and Saved

Yesterday was our scheduled trash pick-up day. To my horror I saw the truck coming around the corner and starting to travel across the dam road to our place when ..........he went straight instead making the curve! Oops! Landed on the snow-covered slope of the bank. Thank goodness it didn't roll over or onto the lake ice. He walked over here to see if we had any idea who to get to pull him up and out of his predicament.  There is a large logging business right on that corner so I called there to see if they had men and/or equipment to help. Two fellows checked out the situation and said he really needed a wrecker with a winch. After about two hours one came and did the job.

As it was so far away I never even thought to grab the camera, besides I was more concerned about the driver. He was soooo upset. It was a brand new truck and his boss was fuming! Yes, the road was plowed but not cindered. Today he returned and picked up our trash with the new truck. He was awfully quiet and I felt really sorry for him.  

This morning the swinging door to my bedroom was hanging up on the overhead beam. WARNING! Too much snow on the roof. I contacted the company that put on our new metal roof this summer. The business fellow and his two sons are in Utah enjoying winter there, but his secretary said she could send out a couple of men to clean the roof. Now we know this is new. In the past, the heat inside rose and the roof melted down OK. Now we are better insulated with a heavier roof and the snow is staying. The men came and worked for almost two hours.  The fellow said there was about 3 ft. on the porch roof and the carport roof and almost as much on the main roof. They had to be careful to not scrape it into the ditch behind the cabin because when it melts it would fill the ditch with water and then we would have water seeping into the back log walls. They scraped it sideways back there and then off behind the carport. I will be billed later. I was told it should cost about $100-200. We shall see. The door swings nicely now and there are heaps and heaps of snow surrounding our home.

See the beam that goes over my head!

See the same beam exiting the doorway gap at top and see the bow of doorway!

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  1. Oh dear. I hope their estimate isn't wrong...poor guy with the truck.

  2. Wow! Glad things worked out for the driver and he was not hurt! Also great hearing you got the snow off the roof! Hope it dont cost more then what they said.

  3. Glad everything worked out okay with the roof ~ too scary! I hope the new trash truck wasn't damaged.