Friday, February 12, 2021

Laundry Day

Well I can tell by the number of underwear items that we haven't been able to go to laundromat to get this chore done for 20 days!  Weather, the Mister's frostbitten fingers, appointments and other hindrances were the cause. I simply cannot describe the feeling of accomplishment that it is finally washed, dried and I'll try to put it all away soon.

When we pulled into the driveway I noticed that the icicles were growing and the sun was shining brightly so naturally I took a few pictures. In years past, those icicles were much thicker and longer so we believe the new roof is doing its job well. The next to the last image is the backside of the cabin where it backs up to the hillside above.

From several years ago

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  1. Oh, the cabin looks wonderful all dressed up in icicles! Oh, the blessings of a new roof....and of clean underwear! Now I am off to catch up on your previous posts which I always enjoy. The last I read was when the Mr. had a hurt hand.

  2. I remember scenes like this in Colorado way back when. That last photo is downright awesome.