Thursday, February 25, 2021


I slept very well last night, believing that the beam that runs above my bed (head) wouldn't collapse and be the cause of the end of me. Although the sun wasn't shining at 9am when I took pictures this morning,  I just want to show you the heaps of snow surrounding us here. It is now 10:15am, 36° and the sun is out doing its job of melting our piles. Well - somewhat! I cannot go out to the road to get different photo angles as the ground and driveway are very icy. We have run out of snow melt. It's OK. I need to clean the bathroom and the Mister is vacuuming. Household chores will be done today. Maybe we'll be able to get out and take a trip tomorrow to the laundromat. Only 22 days until Spring!

I'm in the carport looking out.

I'm at the back corner of the carport
looking along the high bank behind the cabin.
I'm at the front corner of the carport.
Back inside looking out.
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  1. Wow that reminds me of pur life up north.
    Doug had to clear the roof a few times over the winter !