Friday, February 26, 2021

Almost March..

Each day brings us closer to less snow, more mud, but it's OK, it's nature's way.  We got out this morning to pick up Ed's meds and to get our two week laundry done. The driveway was a sheet of ice here and we were lucky enough to be able to find an 8 lb. container of snow melt stuff; wouldn't want to have the Schwan's delivery guy fall when bring our frozen foods next Tuesday! Also it will be safer taking our trash to the curb on Tuesday as well. The Mister takes the car to the mailbox instead of tempting fate! He did loose his balance in the parking lot of the hardware store today, fell right down and cut his finger and bruised hand but otherwise not hurt. Guess having a cane in one hand and the snow melt in the other when trying to open the back door of the car was just too much. There goes my dishwasher for another week or so!!

Looking  back, what  was the thing to do when driveways and walkways were slippery? Wood ashes were spread. Not anymore.

Friends in Barre, Ontario Canada sent pictures today. The images below show what they have there.

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  1. Ice, shoveling, cold, long melting time, driving, falling...these are just a few mentioned why I hate snow.