Monday, March 29, 2021

One Day at a Time...

I think the healing of a broken rib will take quite a while. We are both taking it one day at a time. I've picked up several chores that the Mister did daily and he is now walking laps back and forth-end to end of the cabin for exercise with the handy dandy walker. He's also needing to be encouraged to take more deep breaths to keep pneumonia at bay. The most difficult thing for him is the coughing spells. They are nothing new, but now they are painful beyond description. Errands have been run by a good neighbor and friend and our daughter as well. 

Everyone needs an escape from tough situations. I can't possibly comprehend how tornado and flood victims get through the recent disasters. My escape is reading and baking and keeping up with the necessary paperwork of household and personal responsibilities. Thank goodness I seem to still have a fairly clear mind and abilities to do this. Being not able to drive is my biggest handicap at the present but there are ways to get around even this.  Soooooo, one day at a time has become my mantra, along with the old one of "Do not fall!"

Baked a loaf of bread, and made a ham, cheddar cheese, spinach and egg quiche recently. Re-vamping kitchen cupboards and taking inventory. Every day a step further. Waiting for the daffodils to bloom. 

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Connections? Balance?

Actual sweatshirt scan of logo
Way back sometime between 1985 and 1990 when I was the county 4-H Coordinator, the Cooperative Extension Secretary and I designed the above logo for sweatshirts and t-shirts for leaders and members. I saved my sweatshirt after only wearing it a few times. I wore out my t-shirts.  

Last week on Friday when I visited the pottery I met several artists who also had their displays set up in the pottery shed on what was called "The Bunny Trail." It was a breezy and chilly day and I dug out my sweatshirt to wear, but alas I had lost too much weight to fill it out and put it back in the closet. 

One of the displays in a corner was a selection of paintings by a lady I know. In fact, she was the 4-H Coordinator before me and then was also a 4-H leader when I took the position. She wasn't there on that day but another artist pointed out her work to me. I do already have one of her paintings, a tile and greeting cards. I then turned to see what the next table had after telling the other person how I knew the painter through the 4-H program. She then told me that she was also a leader!  I had to tell her about how I almost wore my sweatshirt on that day and offered it to her. She said she would like it. She gave me her card. I apologized for not making a purchase from her table which included soaps, jewelry, assorted other items and maple products. I had only gone there to buy pottery!

Now let us go to two days later (Sunday) when my daughter and grandson and partner came to help clean the cabin. My daughter brought the homemade lemon cake and a little jar of maple cream for my early birthday. I put the maple cream on the counter to sample it later on. I had bagged up the sweatshirt with a note and asked my daughter to please drop it off in town at the local Slanted Art Co-op Art Gallery where it would be delivered to the lady (a co-op member) who I met at the pottery. 

Thursday, on my birthday, I started to try out my maple cream and saw that it came from the artist lady who was at the pottery! The label on the container matched up with the card she gave me. 

Apparently my daughter had picked it up when she visited the gallery a while ago, thinking it would make a nice gift for me. 

End of story - Daughter will deliver the sweatshirt for the lady who made the maple cream that is my gift! Small world, eh?
This is not coincidence, I  don't believe in them.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Up and Away!

"The sun is shining, Oh happy day!

No more troubles, no skies of gray...."  Dion Mucci

And... the ice on the lake is GONE! GONE! 

And... the daffodils have grown up another three inches!

And... A large grey squirrel visited on the porch railing

And... Robins are pecking in the grass.

And... The wind is blowing very hard from the South

And... The Mister is walking laps in the cabin and taking deep breaths.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Springtime Doctor Visit

The Mister

Closed fracture, one rib, left side. Yep!  After a doctor visit and x-ray, we know why his pain is so great. They no longer wrap or brace the body like they did (about 40 years ago, that is when I broke ribs - twice!) and he was sent home with Rx pain med, instructions for other pain relievers and told to keep taking deep breaths, even when it hurts. Soooooo here we go on the recovery road.

I'm relieved that they didn't keep him there and know he'll be OK, using the walker, going back and forth the length of the cabin several times a day for exercise. Whew! What a day for our daughter who drove him there, stayed during the visit and waited for the x-rays to be completed. She is so good about all things medical as she has had training in the past. 

While they were gone I went out looking for Spring. A neighbor fellow was fishing from his kayak along the edges of the lake where the ice has melted. I saw a few of the old daffodils starting to pop up. Soon the yard will be needing a thorough clean up and our yard man will have the entire job this year! A couple of ATVs whizzed by so we know the signs. 

And look at what my friend who lives in Western Virginia found on their newly purchased acreage!  Pretty special, eh?
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Wednesday, March 24, 2021


The Mister fell again last night as he was getting ready to sit in his chair. He tripped on the back wheel of the walker and fell forward. His left rib cage struck the arm of the maple chair. The chair didn’t move. Our lawn fellow was here checking James in preparation for repairs and heard the thunk and cry of pain. He came dashing in and helped him get up. Well he wouldn’t let us call 911 or the hospital for an X-ray and doctor visit. Ate his dinner and went to bed as usual. I had a difficult time sleeping, thinking of all kinds of scenarios. Today he is toughing it out. I think he must have cracked or at least suffered a bad internal bruise on the rib but nothing shows on the outside such as a bruise or laceration. He can take deep breaths but has trouble reaching with that left arm. We shall see……. ice, Tylenol, rest.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spring Gifts

 Our daughter visited today and bought me a lemon cake with lemon icing! (She knows I love lemon!) She also did some dusting and personal care for me.

Her son and his partner arrived - ready to work! The cabin hasn't been thoroughly dusted in two years - pandemic - and REALLY needed it. As you might figure out from the photos this team is terrific! The grandkids work hard all week in the *local wood products manufacturing company and made time for us early in the season because they do more odd jobs on weekends throughout the coming year. They are hard workers.
It's a very good thing that the fan finally was stopped and dusted! It was loaded, BUT.... two of the blades had worked loose! It has hung there for 23 years and every year except last, it is checked for loose blades as it runs 24/7. They were really loose!

After the work was finished we all had birthday cake! YUM! (My birthday isn't until Thursday, but they know that I don't care for a lot of hoopla!) Both back bedrooms were cleaned as well but this photographer stayed out of the way!

Our daughter's twin grandsons were going to be visiting her later so she left before the others, and all were planning to do some yard cleanup later on today. The sun is shining and it is sooo good to see. I forgot to tell you that they undressed James in readiness for his repairs!

*For many years (1972-1980) I worked there as well. For more information about the company click on link:  Diaz Facebook Page

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Saturday, March 20, 2021


I guess it's time to undress James and fix his wounds before re-dressing him with his forsythia garland. Our yard/plow guy said he'd help with the project. It still is uncomfortably cold for me yet, though. I might have to bite the bullet.

I put together a mixture of thinly sliced fresh carrot, cucumber and summer squash today and the fermentation pot is back in use. I'll have to let you know after about three weeks how it comes out. All other past fermentations were successful. 

Nascar racing is back on TV. Yay! I printed out all of the season schedules for the Mister and that makes it easy for him to anticipate what comes next and keep his interest. His racing memories are many!
You may be able to read the dates on his pins by tapping on the image to enlarge.


Friday, March 19, 2021

Out and About

A friend took me for a ride today and we had many laughs and a really nice time together during the trip. The Creek Road Pottery was the destination. I needed more bowls. I came home with two more soup bowls and another bread baker! I got to meet the potter's mother, Nancy, a lovely woman and receptionist at the pottery sales/display barn. There were other artists there as well with their art and it was a wonderful morning for me.

I say I needed more bowls. Of course that means that I wanted more bowls. The first two I bought a while ago are perfect for soup, cereal or ice cream but I wanted two more just a tiny bit larger. Got 'em! I also got another little bread baker and now we can have larger stews and meals served in them as well as baking the breads.  

I would tell you that if you never have had a hand-crafted kiln fired and glazed bowl, you are missing out on a special feeling when you hold and use it. The best part is that the potter himself is a very nice man who bends over backwards to please and is a true artist in every meaning of the word. Lucky me! Affordable art!

Of course since you can't really touch and feel these with your hands you can click on an image and give your eyes and mind a treat!

Thursday, March 18, 2021


Would you believe that the "plan" for us from our dental visit today is REALLY out of the Question? 

Every year we have the cleanings and x-rays and exams as required to remain patients of our local dental LLC. Every year we pay as we go. If we don't have the $ we postpone the appointment until we do. Thank goodness we haven't had a dental emergency. Well..... today things were done differently. A complete review of our health, medicines, and basic habits was performed, along with a blood pressure test and, after the cleanings, a mouth exam was carried out by the dentist. Two chairs in the waiting room, no TV or music. No more bowl to spit into. No more secretary at the main desk to print out the receipt, make the next appointments, etc. (Yes, there is a receptionist.) The technician who does the cleaning has to do all of that now. It is like a production. Covid has left its mark.  Yes, everyone is very nice and polite and considerate, but their "plan" for us is so far out of reach that is is laughable! I won't go into detail except to tell you that I should have $3,759.00 of work done in my treatment plan and the Mister should have $4,029.00 of work done in his which may include lower partials or root canals with posts and crowns. Remember we are age 85 and have done our best to care for our teeth all these years. 

Well, our own plans include another cleaning in September and I may have a filling replaced in June. I've already started saving for that filling!

"Our mission is simple. Your well-being is our highest priority. We provide you with a personal, professional dental experience using the latest technology and techniques. That’s the Progressive Dental difference."

Yes, they are great and we are fortunate to have them so nearby and convenient.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St.Patrick’s Day

Leprechauns at Work

Power was out for three hours this morning! Sometimes just the power goes out and sometimes only the cable goes out but this time it was a complete outage for us here. We turned on the scanner and heard nothing about why. I called the power company and they recorded it. We learned later that is was a very large area affected.   

Two days ago we got our first Covid vaccination. Yes, our arms were a bit sore, but today we are fine. Next appointment April 12. Thank goodness it was done right here at our local hospital, only 4 miles away.

Recently we got word that a family member was in a Scranton hospital after emergency surgery for a repair to his stomach. At age 85, we sure hope he will get through this and that his recovery will be full. 

Brother stopped in with a dozen of the very large and beautiful brown eggs. Had one for lunch and it was a double yolker! Good Luck!


"May you always walk in sunshine,

May you never want for more,

May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door." 

I have committed to the purchase of a "From Me - To Me" birthday present. Will show you soon. I'm excited about it! 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Clocks Spring Forward

The Mister has jumped on the daylight saving time change and has already started setting the clocks ahead. First he set his wristwatch and then, before breakfast he set the microwave oven. Before lunch he set the one outdoors on the front porch eaves. Why so early? I don't know except he is a bit bored. Now there are more to go.
There is one on the wall behind the dining room table.
There is one on the wall over the large living room TV.
There is one on the shelf in the bathroom.
There is one on his bedroom dresser.
There is one on my bedroom dresser.
There is one in the car.
I think the TV's set themselves as do the computers.

There is one that we only set once in a while when we start it up to keep it in good functioning condition. 
This cuckoo clock was a gift to the cabin a very long time ago and, though not particularly valuable in $ it IS valuable in memories! Yes, the cuckoo bird still pops out of the little green door and sings his song on every half and full hour!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

This Year is Different

Last year on March 9, I took off James' scarf and bell. Last year on March 9 I took this picture of daffodils poking up through the soil in front on the cabin. Last year ALL the wonderful spring daffodils were in bloom on April 15.

March 9, 2020

April 15, 2020 
Would you believe that it is VERY different this year? The snow is still piled up over that same flowerbed and not a trace of earth is showing. Today is the first day that the degree has gone up to 40 since autumn. So I was prompted to look back a few years. Mother Nature knows what she's doing, I know......

May 2, 2018
May 2, 2018

April 13, 2017
April 13, 2017
April 13, 2017
April 18, 2015
April 2, 2014
April 24, 2013
April 15, 2012
April 27, 2011
The year James was created~
April 10, 2010
It looks like April is the month that the daffodils really pop up and out! I'll have to wait.
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