Saturday, March 20, 2021


I guess it's time to undress James and fix his wounds before re-dressing him with his forsythia garland. Our yard/plow guy said he'd help with the project. It still is uncomfortably cold for me yet, though. I might have to bite the bullet.

I put together a mixture of thinly sliced fresh carrot, cucumber and summer squash today and the fermentation pot is back in use. I'll have to let you know after about three weeks how it comes out. All other past fermentations were successful. 

Nascar racing is back on TV. Yay! I printed out all of the season schedules for the Mister and that makes it easy for him to anticipate what comes next and keep his interest. His racing memories are many!
You may be able to read the dates on his pins by tapping on the image to enlarge.



  1. I can see why you do this for him...a former racer that he is.

  2. Nice! Hope he has a nice time watching. Sound time a relaxing time! Hope the fermenting goes well!

  3. Yay for James and yay for Nascar! How thoughtful of you to print out the racing schedules. I understand why he wouldn't miss a race.