Saturday, March 13, 2021

Clocks Spring Forward

The Mister has jumped on the daylight saving time change and has already started setting the clocks ahead. First he set his wristwatch and then, before breakfast he set the microwave oven. Before lunch he set the one outdoors on the front porch eaves. Why so early? I don't know except he is a bit bored. Now there are more to go.
There is one on the wall behind the dining room table.
There is one on the wall over the large living room TV.
There is one on the shelf in the bathroom.
There is one on his bedroom dresser.
There is one on my bedroom dresser.
There is one in the car.
I think the TV's set themselves as do the computers.

There is one that we only set once in a while when we start it up to keep it in good functioning condition. 
This cuckoo clock was a gift to the cabin a very long time ago and, though not particularly valuable in $ it IS valuable in memories! Yes, the cuckoo bird still pops out of the little green door and sings his song on every half and full hour!

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  1. I like the idea of a cuckoo clock, but certainly not for ME. Very distracting.

  2. The family children always liked to hear its song. I run it once in a while to remember.

  3. Wow! Great he got a start he has quite a few to turn ahead!

  4. Love cuckoo clocks. We had one when I was a child ❣

  5. We never had the luxury of a cuckoo clock but one of our neighbors did. I thought it was the greatest thing.