Friday, March 19, 2021

Out and About

A friend took me for a ride today and we had many laughs and a really nice time together during the trip. The Creek Road Pottery was the destination. I needed more bowls. I came home with two more soup bowls and another bread baker! I got to meet the potter's mother, Nancy, a lovely woman and receptionist at the pottery sales/display barn. There were other artists there as well with their art and it was a wonderful morning for me.

I say I needed more bowls. Of course that means that I wanted more bowls. The first two I bought a while ago are perfect for soup, cereal or ice cream but I wanted two more just a tiny bit larger. Got 'em! I also got another little bread baker and now we can have larger stews and meals served in them as well as baking the breads.  

I would tell you that if you never have had a hand-crafted kiln fired and glazed bowl, you are missing out on a special feeling when you hold and use it. The best part is that the potter himself is a very nice man who bends over backwards to please and is a true artist in every meaning of the word. Lucky me! Affordable art!

Of course since you can't really touch and feel these with your hands you can click on an image and give your eyes and mind a treat!


  1. Awesome Buys!! And a day out with a friend...good day all around.

  2. Thanks sooo much for stopping! It was a real surprised for sure as that wind was soo cold. Very nice seeing you and I always enjoy chatting. Mom had a nice time also and enjoyed being the greeter. She worked until nap time!

  3. What wonderful bowls! I do have a few pieces of similar pottery but could always use more. Does your potter do online sales?

  4. Alford is the best, and he told us all about his wonderful visit with you, and how much he treasures your advice. I agree his work is terrific and handmade pots are something special. Your blog is a wonderful treat. Keep writing!

  5. I love that your share your life including your friendship with Alford. Recently he wrote about you in return, a favourite and much appreciated customer in return, and now I'm visiting your blog too! 😘
    Wales, UK