Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St.Patrick’s Day

Leprechauns at Work

Power was out for three hours this morning! Sometimes just the power goes out and sometimes only the cable goes out but this time it was a complete outage for us here. We turned on the scanner and heard nothing about why. I called the power company and they recorded it. We learned later that is was a very large area affected.   

Two days ago we got our first Covid vaccination. Yes, our arms were a bit sore, but today we are fine. Next appointment April 12. Thank goodness it was done right here at our local hospital, only 4 miles away.

Recently we got word that a family member was in a Scranton hospital after emergency surgery for a repair to his stomach. At age 85, we sure hope he will get through this and that his recovery will be full. 

Brother stopped in with a dozen of the very large and beautiful brown eggs. Had one for lunch and it was a double yolker! Good Luck!


"May you always walk in sunshine,

May you never want for more,

May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door." 

I have committed to the purchase of a "From Me - To Me" birthday present. Will show you soon. I'm excited about it! 


  1. Those are the BEST kind of gifts!!

    Hope that he recovers fully with no setbacks. And, losing power is no fun (even with a generator backup).

    1. I can hardly wait to show it off. It is BEAUTIFUL - a collaboration.