Saturday, March 27, 2021

Connections? Balance?

Actual sweatshirt scan of logo
Way back sometime between 1985 and 1990 when I was the county 4-H Coordinator, the Cooperative Extension Secretary and I designed the above logo for sweatshirts and t-shirts for leaders and members. I saved my sweatshirt after only wearing it a few times. I wore out my t-shirts.  

Last week on Friday when I visited the pottery I met several artists who also had their displays set up in the pottery shed on what was called "The Bunny Trail." It was a breezy and chilly day and I dug out my sweatshirt to wear, but alas I had lost too much weight to fill it out and put it back in the closet. 

One of the displays in a corner was a selection of paintings by a lady I know. In fact, she was the 4-H Coordinator before me and then was also a 4-H leader when I took the position. She wasn't there on that day but another artist pointed out her work to me. I do already have one of her paintings, a tile and greeting cards. I then turned to see what the next table had after telling the other person how I knew the painter through the 4-H program. She then told me that she was also a leader!  I had to tell her about how I almost wore my sweatshirt on that day and offered it to her. She said she would like it. She gave me her card. I apologized for not making a purchase from her table which included soaps, jewelry, assorted other items and maple products. I had only gone there to buy pottery!

Now let us go to two days later (Sunday) when my daughter and grandson and partner came to help clean the cabin. My daughter brought the homemade lemon cake and a little jar of maple cream for my early birthday. I put the maple cream on the counter to sample it later on. I had bagged up the sweatshirt with a note and asked my daughter to please drop it off in town at the local Slanted Art Co-op Art Gallery where it would be delivered to the lady (a co-op member) who I met at the pottery. 

Thursday, on my birthday, I started to try out my maple cream and saw that it came from the artist lady who was at the pottery! The label on the container matched up with the card she gave me. 

Apparently my daughter had picked it up when she visited the gallery a while ago, thinking it would make a nice gift for me. 

End of story - Daughter will deliver the sweatshirt for the lady who made the maple cream that is my gift! Small world, eh?
This is not coincidence, I  don't believe in them.