Saturday, February 25, 2023

Surprise Weather

And the ice came back! Well, kinda ··· sorta!  Yes, we had a few flurries overnight. I think the open watery sections made by Mother Nature are pretty!

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

It's a Process

I would like my readers to understand a little bit about my love for handmade-pottery! I did a little bit of it in grades 7-9 and it was a class I always looked forward to. Then in high school, I had another class once a week. I didn't like the male teacher because bad vibes came to me when he was close so that ended my venture in that craft. I would now like you to fathom why I purchased another one. It was the process plus the result that I saw. My potter friend and artist is a very special fellow. He explores multiple and varied subjects and is very intelligent. Anyway, my new vase is one of his "Valentine Vases" though I am unable to think of it by that name. To me it is my birthday vase.  

Please read on and you might understand something you didn't know about this particular recent project. The following text is from his web page. It is a heavy vase and one of 16, I believe.


This Vase is part of the Valentine Vase 2023 collection and was created by my hand on the pottery wheel in Laceyville, Pennsylvania. It was then glazed with my hand-mixed glaze and refined and finished in the flames of the gas updraft kilns.

Wood chips were added in the kiln at the end of the firing to produce smoke that creates a reduced atmosphere interacting with the glaze in exciting ways. Specks of carbon become trapped within the glaze, a process called Carbon Trapping.

These vases may not be for everyone, but only those who enjoy and appreciate the process these pots underwent to gain their many layers of color and texture.

I do hope you enjoy the vase for years to come. Thanks so much for supporting handmade, and I will do my best to continue creating work that matters for folks who care.

Approximate Dimensions:

8 Inches Tall

5.5 Inches Wide

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Keeping Busy

Things are perking up here and I have to make lists. I found that if don't write down a task or something that I want to do I don't get it done until the next day or several days after.  I call these my "to do lists." It seems to be working well for me. Silly things and important things are on those lists! Today I had BLOG on my list - so here I am! A quick photo shoot was on yesterday's list and I completed that. One was to show how awful it is that the daffodils are rising from the soil and it is way too early. I went through old images and never before have they poked up before April 3!

I want to show you how my Christmas Poinsettia is doing. I just could not throw it out as many others do, until I tried to keep it going. First, when all the leaves were wilting and dropping, I cut off every branch about 4" from the soil's top. I remember (there I go again remembering!) that once, a very long time ago I did this and it did survived well. I remembered that it has to have twelve hours of complete darkness and twelve hours of indirect sun. A dribble of water once a week is sufficient. The only thing I know about this attempt is that my room is too warm, and time will tell if this will cause a failure. Look closely at what is happening so far. At least I don't have to move it into a closet with a paper bag over it and then bring it out each day for some light, and then put it back in the closet at night. That is what I did in the past.
AND...Look at what found its way to me!  I bought myself an early birthday present. The reddish glaze inside this beauty and the shape and design on its belly got me hooked. It is 8" tall and feels really nice with the ripples and texture. It was made on the treadle wheel. There is a really neat process of how the potter got these effects. Happy me! Doesn't take much.
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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Forward not Backward

My need to look back is in a struggle with my need to create. Is this what happens to others my age? Reminiscing and digging up old memories has taken over and escape may be necessary. I know it is a good thing that my mind is still OK, but my creative juices are struggling to take over. I don't know how or why or where or when this will come to be but I don't think it is too late. I may be wrong. I've been wrong before. Sooooooo........

The next day.........

I'm planning to show some projects I've completed in the past and perhaps one or two will hit the top of a list I'm considering. Actually the list is my second project — after the slide show I'll soon make to show me possibilities. It is still looking back but that is how I may be able to move forward.

The day after the next day......... 

Well, NO I AM NOT! No slide show! I have 369 images of my projects and it is not possible to choose but I did get satisfaction from just looking through them. I will post one (ONE) here.

Feeling better healthwise and now that Spring is on its way I can't wait for the effects of warmer weather like the fact that my daffodils are poking up from the flowerbeds about a month early. 

Carry on, Mother Nature. Thank you for doing your job now and forever.

Monday, February 13, 2023



Yesterday's sighting of the lady leading her donkey around the lake brought back memories of my horses being on the lake road too.  I also remember myself galloping across the dam road to the bridge and then walking to the cabin to visit my parents. My dad did not like me to tread on his grass and I had to pick up droppings there as well!  So many wonderful memories in days of the past. Below are a few of old photos that I scanned many years ago. I have hundreds more - not scanned. Thank goodness my memories can take me back to the experiences and enjoyment of my horse world of joy and experiences.
Those were the days......

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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Walk on By....

I never know what I'll see when gazing up from the computer and looking out my windows! This was a surprise and a delight for me today. 

Friday, February 10, 2023

Back in Time

And...this morning!
Not manipulated - actual colors!
I'm living the life I want to live at my age, surrounded by friends who make my life better. I am very fortunate!

Tuesday, February 7, 2023


What if you kept your eye on the sky all of the time? What would you see? Would you really see things or would it be your imagination? Sometimes I wonder....

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Saturday, February 4, 2023


Winter has its beauty but I'm ready for Spring!
Photo by Lori

Winter has its ugly as well. Last night when I turned on the water tap to fill my ice cube tray - NADA! Turned on the hot water tap - NADA! Went to the bathroom turned on the faucets - NADA! Panicsville set in. A feeling of it washed over me and froze me in place! I checked the fuse box and everything was in order. I called a local plumber and left a message. Shaking, I put my head back on and called a neighbor and friend of 66 years. He calls me "Aunt Gere." Soon he and his son arrived to investigate. The heat tape was working. As he was the man who built the pump shed for us so many years ago, he uncovered it, opened the front and inspected everything inside. I sat inside trembling. I'm not good with major failures happening to my habitat. Pretty soon they came inside and turned on the tap and eureka! water flowed fine. The hose valve that was just replaced last March was frozen. He had brought a hair drier and thawed it. The heat tape was wrapped around the pipe on both sides of that tap but not on it. Now it has some new insulation wrapped around the bare area and it didn't freeze overnight. Of course I trickled water in the kitchen and bathroom throughout the night which is something that is always done when the outdoor temperature gets to zero. The plumber called me back within 15 minutes and expressed relief that it was under control here as he had other calls to get to ASAP. 

WHEW! It did take me a while to get over the shock. I must be getting old!


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Spring Ahead!

As I look out the windows I see a fisherman who surely is dedicated to this sport! He has been out there for many cold hours. His little blue tent is set up and he keeps on fishing, though alone as there are no others so far. 

I'm waiting to hear from a friend in FL who has had a rough day I'm sure, due to a surgery in her family. Surely it will be OK. Tomorrow I shall know the good news.

The sun is shining and, though it is cold outside, the colors of the spectrum are now sparkling on my ceiling, floors and cabinets in the kitchen area. YAY! The sun is moving back for these to sparkle and make many rainbows. The orchid is very happy and will be more so during this transitional month. 

The only "chore" I completed today is refilling the moth ball hangers in the linen closet and one of the clothing closets. 

Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day. It is also and more importantly the 38th wedding anniversary of my daughter and her husband. Through thick and thin they've stuck together and are beautiful, caring and loving people.