Saturday, February 4, 2023


Winter has its beauty but I'm ready for Spring!
Photo by Lori

Winter has its ugly as well. Last night when I turned on the water tap to fill my ice cube tray - NADA! Turned on the hot water tap - NADA! Went to the bathroom turned on the faucets - NADA! Panicsville set in. A feeling of it washed over me and froze me in place! I checked the fuse box and everything was in order. I called a local plumber and left a message. Shaking, I put my head back on and called a neighbor and friend of 66 years. He calls me "Aunt Gere." Soon he and his son arrived to investigate. The heat tape was working. As he was the man who built the pump shed for us so many years ago, he uncovered it, opened the front and inspected everything inside. I sat inside trembling. I'm not good with major failures happening to my habitat. Pretty soon they came inside and turned on the tap and eureka! water flowed fine. The hose valve that was just replaced last March was frozen. He had brought a hair drier and thawed it. The heat tape was wrapped around the pipe on both sides of that tap but not on it. Now it has some new insulation wrapped around the bare area and it didn't freeze overnight. Of course I trickled water in the kitchen and bathroom throughout the night which is something that is always done when the outdoor temperature gets to zero. The plumber called me back within 15 minutes and expressed relief that it was under control here as he had other calls to get to ASAP. 

WHEW! It did take me a while to get over the shock. I must be getting old!



  1. Good for you. Glad everything worked out. And yes, it is cold… Very, very cold!

  2. This February weather SUCKS and so do all the greedy people that are gouging us for heat and food. I don't like the world we live in, but thank God for the people like your plumber that DO care.

  3. So glad it worked out okay. And you do have a support group! Relax and enjoy the sunshine today 💕

  4. Glad to hear thinks went ok! Getting close to spring! Can't wait!

  5. Yay for good neighbors and heat tape. Your winter day picture is beautiful, but with a cost. Hilltop Post

  6. Yep winter woes are not fun. Especially frozen pipes & no water. Glad to hear all's well!