Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Keeping Busy

Things are perking up here and I have to make lists. I found that if don't write down a task or something that I want to do I don't get it done until the next day or several days after.  I call these my "to do lists." It seems to be working well for me. Silly things and important things are on those lists! Today I had BLOG on my list - so here I am! A quick photo shoot was on yesterday's list and I completed that. One was to show how awful it is that the daffodils are rising from the soil and it is way too early. I went through old images and never before have they poked up before April 3!

I want to show you how my Christmas Poinsettia is doing. I just could not throw it out as many others do, until I tried to keep it going. First, when all the leaves were wilting and dropping, I cut off every branch about 4" from the soil's top. I remember (there I go again remembering!) that once, a very long time ago I did this and it did survived well. I remembered that it has to have twelve hours of complete darkness and twelve hours of indirect sun. A dribble of water once a week is sufficient. The only thing I know about this attempt is that my room is too warm, and time will tell if this will cause a failure. Look closely at what is happening so far. At least I don't have to move it into a closet with a paper bag over it and then bring it out each day for some light, and then put it back in the closet at night. That is what I did in the past.
AND...Look at what found its way to me!  I bought myself an early birthday present. The reddish glaze inside this beauty and the shape and design on its belly got me hooked. It is 8" tall and feels really nice with the ripples and texture. It was made on the treadle wheel. There is a really neat process of how the potter got these effects. Happy me! Doesn't take much.
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  1. I do the same with poinsettias and just leave the pots at window awnings and when I come back to Florida in the Fall they have small leaves that are turning red in November.

  2. Jonquils and crocuses are blooming all over the place here. I am wondering if they'll find themselves peeking out from under snow before winter is over. Lucky poinsettia of yours. I am sure it will be a survivor among thousands that have already perished. That's a great pottery piece you have added to your collection.

  3. Love the pottery goblet.
    I wish you the best of luck with your poinsettia. And just HAVING daffodils once again surface the topsoil would be grand...our soil/temp zone is no good for these!!!