Sunday, February 19, 2023

Forward not Backward

My need to look back is in a struggle with my need to create. Is this what happens to others my age? Reminiscing and digging up old memories has taken over and escape may be necessary. I know it is a good thing that my mind is still OK, but my creative juices are struggling to take over. I don't know how or why or where or when this will come to be but I don't think it is too late. I may be wrong. I've been wrong before. Sooooooo........

The next day.........

I'm planning to show some projects I've completed in the past and perhaps one or two will hit the top of a list I'm considering. Actually the list is my second project — after the slide show I'll soon make to show me possibilities. It is still looking back but that is how I may be able to move forward.

The day after the next day......... 

Well, NO I AM NOT! No slide show! I have 369 images of my projects and it is not possible to choose but I did get satisfaction from just looking through them. I will post one (ONE) here.

Feeling better healthwise and now that Spring is on its way I can't wait for the effects of warmer weather like the fact that my daffodils are poking up from the flowerbeds about a month early. 

Carry on, Mother Nature. Thank you for doing your job now and forever.


  1. Very whimsical!!
    Ohhhh, springtime favorite flower (and iris).

  2. I like this Gere. And it’s great that you move forward with your creative projects. You will never be bored.

  3. I find myself looking back more and more as the years go by. Writing my thoughts in a journal have brought much of this on. I thought so hard about my grandmother when I was writing about her that I became obsessed with her and still am to some degree.
    As for creativity, it is always with me in everything I do. I read somewhere to think of the word BETTER and strive to make everything in our lives "better."
    You are such a creative one, so I am certain that creativity will win out. I agree with the comment above, "You will never be bored."