Monday, February 13, 2023



Yesterday's sighting of the lady leading her donkey around the lake brought back memories of my horses being on the lake road too.  I also remember myself galloping across the dam road to the bridge and then walking to the cabin to visit my parents. My dad did not like me to tread on his grass and I had to pick up droppings there as well!  So many wonderful memories in days of the past. Below are a few of old photos that I scanned many years ago. I have hundreds more - not scanned. Thank goodness my memories can take me back to the experiences and enjoyment of my horse world of joy and experiences.
Those were the days......

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  1. What wonderful memories! I sure loved our horses too! Such great memories and adventures! We don't have many pictures though.

  2. That’s quite a long list of horses you’ve had. Of course each has its story. My cowboy hubby and sons had horses for many years, but I never cared much for riding. Hilltop Post