Friday, July 30, 2021

View this Morning

Looked out my window and what did I see? 

An early morning visitor!
It spotted me and flew away!

Thursday, July 29, 2021


Yes, Mr. Turtle is back where we think he belongs. I had a doctor appointment for my back pain this morning and my daughter picked me up about 10am. She was upset after I told her of the turtle on the lawn and went to look. She saw what she thought was a blind snapping turtle and told me it had odd-looking eyes with fly maggots in the head area. We were running a bit late so we left it there. Two hours later when we returned it had moved into the carport under my car by the back wheel.
I called a neighbor who helps me out in such situations but had to leave a message. Later I tried reaching him again and, instead talked with his wife. She just had seen my message when checking her phone and they were not at all in the area as they were visiting relatives in the middle of the state. By then it was 4pm and my back was hurting too much to go out and look under the car to see if it was still there.

I then called a different neighbor/friend who I have known since his birth* to see if he could look under the car to see if it was still there! I didn't want it to die under the car or in the ditch behind the cabin! This man has helped me out with many other things and came right over around 7pm, bringing his shovel. It was still under the car! He took his shovel, turned it over and it was wiggling, thrashing its legs, tail and head so we knew it still had spunk and a desire to live. I'm not saying where, but it was returned to its watery habitat and we think it was just land-locked (lost). He told me that it swam away without any sign of distress. What a good feeing! My daughter has had some of them swim beside her in the lake when she is out there and they have never bothered her at all. 

I was so intrigued watching his actions that I never even thought to take a picture. It would have made a good memory shot for sure. Dang!

*The "turtle saver" man is the first son of my life-long girlfriend, born just  few weeks after my first-born daughter. He's not just a friend, he's family! His wife is also one of my greatest supporters as I adjust to widowhood. It is a wonderful thing to have them living so close by and willing to help whenever I need some. 

This site has some good information about these turtles and why we don't kill them when they come onto land.

Would you believe that I have had turtle soup in the past, with snapping turtle meat of course - right here at the cabin. Mom was the cook! Other family members were contributors in different areas of making of the meal. That was a long time ago but I sure do remember it ALL!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


I looked out the kitchen window when making coffee this morning at 6:20am and what did I see? This!

Right away I knew what it was. The ground is too unlevel for me to go out there to get my picture at the front of the critter, so I did a zoom shot. Sorry no front-end view but I couldn't take the chance of falling on the slippery and wet grassy bank. Maybe when my daughter comes over she can poke him back into the lake. 
 I can't say how large he is, but it's certainly not a baby.
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Monday, July 26, 2021

Naturally Green


"We have gone; we have fled
out into the world we go;
we have left our home,
and we will wander
and roam, until we find
a new haven. Then we will 
in turn put forth a new generation.
People will curse us
they will say “Damned Weeds”;
but we know we are not damned
for we are the beauty
of nature and we too are
children of the Mother Goddess
as people themselves are."  Author unknown

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Picture Story

Today is Friday. I think, according to the multiple pine cones on the trees a hard winter may be in store for us here. Almost all tall and aged trees have them growing abundantly.  I took my first rideabout on the lake road this morning and had chats with 5 neighbors who were walking. The temperature at noon is just 70° and it is dry out!  Of course, there are many many more photos of the treetops but I just had to show you a few. 

And then there were other sights of nature moving on through the season.
All in all it was a good ride!

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Friday, July 23, 2021

"Tis the Season!"

For blueberries that is! My friend the potter sent me some photos of his blueberry bush fruits and they are really beautiful this year. He also showed them in a pot that he made, and it is a combination of beauties for sure! Now I must admit that they are NOT my favorite fruit. I much prefer Loring peaches or dark cherries or apples. I do however, find the beauty of these berries - in fact all berries are beautiful, aren't they?

Of course I had to 'play' with his berry photos. The closeups of them is marvelous and I sure like magnified images of nature's beautiful creations.

All photos without additional 'add-ons' are courtesy of Al.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2021


Found in my carport today. Scooped up into paper cup to take photo for ID. It ended up taking a long water ride down the slide that starts in the bathroom! All gone! Hope there aren't many more or their larvae lurking nearby.  

Longhorn Beetles

“Most species are characterized by extremely long antennae, which are often as long as or longer than the beetle's body. In various members of the family, however, the antennae are quite short.”

All known longhorn beetle larvae feed on plant tissue such as stems, trunks, or roots of both herbaceous and woody plants, often in injured or weak trees. A few species are serious pests.  The larvae, called roundheaded borers, bore into wood, where they can cause extensive damage to either living trees or untreated lumber (or, occasionally, to wood in buildings; the old-house borer, Hylotrupes bajulus, is a particular problem indoors).”

Successful Mission To Space

I was sitting on the edge of my seat while watching the lift-off and landing of the first human flight into space taking place. This first human flight into and return from space was emotional and I KNOW my Mister was watching it as well, in his own way. He loved the space programs, the skies, the planets and air adventures. 

As the crew came out of the capsule I had a strong urge to hug each of them and push away the others in my way so I could! I wanted to jump up and down with Wally. An extremely exciting moment of a lifetime happened !

What a historic day! The entire flight was so much more than I had expected and was a job well done!

Many years ago I created my versions of what space would look like to me.


Learning Curve Yesterday!

GOT MY GUMPTION UP THIS AM!  Figured out how to clean the AC filter & the dehumidifier filter! Yay! Then got brave and lifted the seat on the golf car and plugged in the one line to a HD extension cord that I had plugged into the socket on the carport pillar. Then I propped up the seat with the board that is stored in the back basket and found the cord with the plug that goes into the panel under the seat bench where driver's legs would be when sitting.  A green light came on near that socket and I knew it was charging. The charger is carried under the seat when it is down - not at all like the set up we had at the beach, but I had watched the Mister do it several times and now I think I can again!  This charger is very different from the beach ones! I haven't been for a ride yet, but plan to soon. I also had to dig out my bottle of CLR mold and mildew stuff to remove all of the mold that was starting to permeate the backrest. There was a lot! I had to use my vegetable brush and almost a whole roll of paper towel. Satisfying morning. Pooped me out! 
Tomorrow I plan to attack the vacuum cleaner. I do not like the new one he bought because he thought it would be lighter and easier to maneuver. I will use the old clunker Oreck. It needs an overhaul. The new one is a PIA to clean the stupid tube. I know how to change the Oreck bags. Some day I'll enlist a friend to take it to the store in Vestal for an overhaul because it IS hard to push now. Probably just stuff stuck around the ends of the brush thingy. Not gonna try it!

Missy came today and did some fishing and swimming. No rain!  I sent her home with some suspenders as she was saying that her husband needs them. Just starting to clean out a few items like that.

Two neighbors with golf cars (gasoline) stopped by when I was out on the porch and we all had a small chat session. Things are starting to normalize if there is such a thing! 

There was a beautiful and very large lonely doe browsing my beachfront last evening. I grabbed the camera, and was about to get a great shot when the low battery light came on and it shut off! She moved on and gobbled up my neighbor's Hosta flowers! Then she sauntered up into the woods.  Lost that opportunity! I'll have to keep my eyes out for her again around dusk.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Darn Humidity!

The old log cabin is like a sponge! It absorbs the moisture in the air especially in the summertime. The toilet is flushed only if 'necessary' as the exposed pipes and tank sweat terribly. I run the A/C on low to help keep the front rooms drier than they would be if I didn't. The two bedroom doors and the bathroom door are kept shut even though the ceilings are open to the rafters. The tile on the floors is glued down over the concrete slab. The floor is ALWAYS cold. Now cold and damp.

Years ago there was a VERY old dehumidifier in the bathroom that had a pipe draining into the ditch behind the cabin. The ditch was usually very wet and soggy so when the old appliance died, I bought a new one and plugged the hole in the log and just take the container out every morning and dump it into the toilet. That container is heavy! It doesn't tell in the manual how much it holds, but I'll bet at least two gallons! Now the container, which slides in and out like a drawer is giving me grief. It comes out OK but doesn't want to go back in with ease. Wiggle, jiggle, jam, kick, finally in! Next year I hope to have a new dehumidifier. P.S. My electric bill will jump up really high due to both of these darn damp retarders! Oh well.

I have the manual and sales slip too! Purchased July 8, 2008 at Walmart. Used 13 years. Price $176.44 + tax. I'm leery of checking prices for today! 

I'm not complaining and have NO desire to live anywhere else. I'm surrounded with memories and love.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Mister at Rest

For those of you who attended Ed’s Remembrance Service, Thank You. For those who weren’t able to be there, I know you were, in spirit.

For those of you who attended and participated in the service, Thank You. It was a beautiful tribute and ceremony, executed perfectly with sincere feeling and meanings.

He rests now in Beatrice, warm and dry at home with his cedar evergreen sprigs giving him immortality. He is still with me.



Friday, July 16, 2021

Garden Favorites

Hiding in the corner!

Rose Campion is often mistaken for Lamb's Ear because of its color and texture but the leaves are narrow. It has long stems that can grow as tall as three feet! The little one inch hot pink blooms really stand out. I did not plant this. There has never been one here before. I think they are called "volunteers" meaning that the seeds either blew in from another garden or a bird left some. It has other names such as mullein-pink and bloody William! 

From the internet (Circa 1828) "A beloved old plant once called Mullein Pink and Lamp Flower, as the felted leaves once were used in the making of wicks. Its brilliant magenta coloring is electric in combination with the silver-gray leaves on branching stems. An easy to grow, long-blooming and low maintenance plant, simply deadhead or cut back to its leafy rosette after flowering, leaving a few to self sow and renew your plantings. Summer Bloom."


I saw hummingbirds drinking nectar from the Hosta this morning. I just wasn't quick enough to capture them.

And...for good measure!
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Thursday, July 15, 2021


A simple display of a fully-led life is ready to deliver for the remembrance ceremony tomorrow evening. My beautiful handmade "Beatrice" raku pot will be the centerpiece and contain the cremains. 

A meaning of the name Beatrice is "bringer of joy and blessings.Surrounding it will be several photographs displayed in simple see-through frames. It is what my Mister wanted, a small gathering with a Masonic service.

Here are a few of the photos I've chosen. The retirement gift of a pyrography art piece on wood done by a local artist in 1998 is included (shown below) and perhaps his favorite hand tool, a mechanic's wrench will be there. I'm not sure about that yet. He was a tip top mechanic all of his life.