Saturday, July 24, 2021

Picture Story

Today is Friday. I think, according to the multiple pine cones on the trees a hard winter may be in store for us here. Almost all tall and aged trees have them growing abundantly.  I took my first rideabout on the lake road this morning and had chats with 5 neighbors who were walking. The temperature at noon is just 70° and it is dry out!  Of course, there are many many more photos of the treetops but I just had to show you a few. 

And then there were other sights of nature moving on through the season.
All in all it was a good ride!

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  1. Very nice! Glad you got outside! I am enjoying the cooler weather.

  2. Lovin' this ride-about. Beautiful images Ms. G. I can almost smell the faint pine fragrance when the wind is just right.

  3. Yay for that first rideabout. I loved it and am looking forward to many more. It's good to get out and get personal with nature. And, some good friendly neighbors are a good thing too.