Monday, July 26, 2021

Naturally Green


"We have gone; we have fled
out into the world we go;
we have left our home,
and we will wander
and roam, until we find
a new haven. Then we will 
in turn put forth a new generation.
People will curse us
they will say “Damned Weeds”;
but we know we are not damned
for we are the beauty
of nature and we too are
children of the Mother Goddess
as people themselves are."  Author unknown


  1. Some are pretty, while others I curse!!

  2. Ha Ha1 'Tis true, of course, but I kind of agree with Anni!

  3. Mom use to make dandelion, soured milk with a bit of vinegar for a sauce and bacon stirred in a pan. Something with milkweed and also chickweed on salads. If you know for sure what the weeds are they might be good in a salad. Burdock when tender is not to bad boiled and lightly salted.