Thursday, July 29, 2021


Yes, Mr. Turtle is back where we think he belongs. I had a doctor appointment for my back pain this morning and my daughter picked me up about 10am. She was upset after I told her of the turtle on the lawn and went to look. She saw what she thought was a blind snapping turtle and told me it had odd-looking eyes with fly maggots in the head area. We were running a bit late so we left it there. Two hours later when we returned it had moved into the carport under my car by the back wheel.
I called a neighbor who helps me out in such situations but had to leave a message. Later I tried reaching him again and, instead talked with his wife. She just had seen my message when checking her phone and they were not at all in the area as they were visiting relatives in the middle of the state. By then it was 4pm and my back was hurting too much to go out and look under the car to see if it was still there.

I then called a different neighbor/friend who I have known since his birth* to see if he could look under the car to see if it was still there! I didn't want it to die under the car or in the ditch behind the cabin! This man has helped me out with many other things and came right over around 7pm, bringing his shovel. It was still under the car! He took his shovel, turned it over and it was wiggling, thrashing its legs, tail and head so we knew it still had spunk and a desire to live. I'm not saying where, but it was returned to its watery habitat and we think it was just land-locked (lost). He told me that it swam away without any sign of distress. What a good feeing! My daughter has had some of them swim beside her in the lake when she is out there and they have never bothered her at all. 

I was so intrigued watching his actions that I never even thought to take a picture. It would have made a good memory shot for sure. Dang!

*The "turtle saver" man is the first son of my life-long girlfriend, born just  few weeks after my first-born daughter. He's not just a friend, he's family! His wife is also one of my greatest supporters as I adjust to widowhood. It is a wonderful thing to have them living so close by and willing to help whenever I need some. 

This site has some good information about these turtles and why we don't kill them when they come onto land.

Would you believe that I have had turtle soup in the past, with snapping turtle meat of course - right here at the cabin. Mom was the cook! Other family members were contributors in different areas of making of the meal. That was a long time ago but I sure do remember it ALL!


  1. We have turtles in our pond here on the hill. Millie used to swim there... until a turtle nipped her once. She now only wades out just far enough to cool off a bit. Mon and Dad used to tell us not to mess with snapping turtles because "if they bite you, they won't turn loose until it thunders." In high summer days, that might be a long wait. I hope your back is better this morning.

    1. Thanks for the good thoughts. Yesterday I got two steroid shots in my shoulder which now has no ball left on the humerous bone, had 2 x-rays of low back. My arthritis is just getting worse and the lumbar discs are sliding over further than they normally should be and the nerve is not yet pinched too badly. I was put on MethylPREDNISolone for 6 days and another called Cyclobenzaprine for 5 days to stop the spasms.

      Today I'm moving a little better but a bit dizzy so am well aware of falling possibilities! Pain is not as intense. Had x-rays - nothing broken. Just old Arthur got me.

  2. Well, I hope the back strain is giving you some relief this morning! That's not fun.
    I could not knowingly eat turtle soup. Or frog legs for that matter.

    1. A little relief withe Rx drugs. Time will tell. As for the soup, curiosity won over because I wanted to taste it. I never ate frog legs though.

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  4. Wow! glad you were able to get the snapper moved. Sounds like maybe it has some issues being injured but now that it's back in the lake it may do much better! Glad tou have nice folks to help you out!