Thursday, June 30, 2016

More Wedding Photos

John Mackey Design styled a beautiful barn reception at The Farm at Cottrell Lake this past weekend. Rustic elegance at its best . . . take a look.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Wedding

The granddaughter of my lifelong friend, was married Sunday and we attended. You might say this is not such a big deal, outdoor weddings happen all of the time. My reply to you would be this was a very special one for us and for her parents and for her grandmother in Heaven. We were attending as "honorary grandparents." Wow! That was so very nice. 
photo by Seneca Lewis
You see, we go way back. My firstborn daughter and my girlfriend's firstborn son came into this world sixty years ago. He was at the wedding with his family and is the bride's uncle. His sister is the bride's mother. We have all known each other for a very long time and thankfully, are close neighbors.

The wedding was held at a beautiful farm that has been made into a venue for gatherings such as this. This was the first wedding The Farm has had and was chosen because the owners were good friends of the groom and this was their dream. All in all it is a wonderful and successful endeavor.

The day was hot and the walk through the field to be seated before the decorative wedding arch took its toll but we wouldn't have missed it for anything. After the ceremony, there was a walk back from the field to a small white catering/cocktail barn. Hors d'oeuvres‎ and cocktails were available and one of the bride's grandmother's quilts was casually hung in this room, along with a table with many family photographs.  A covered outdoor patio attached to this building was set up for silly pictures to be taken of guests with humor. Here are examples:

Now, don't laugh! We were impressed with the very fancy luxury restroom trailer with 6 stations for both ladies and gents that was nearby and it was nothing like we had ever experienced. 

Directly across from the small barn, a very large barn was renovated to accommodate a catered buffet meal, dancing and all customary wedding reception activities. The huge open interior was decorated in an earthy and nature oriented theme, beautiful and in great taste. We are anxiously awaiting photos as I purposely didn't take my camera. There were several photographers and video photographers documenting it all.  The bride's cousin even manned a drone! In the meantime, the ones here may give an idea of what I'm talking about but will never fully project the beautiful and well planned wedding of Sarah and Chad.
photo by Seneca Lewis
M.I.O. Photography
M.I.O. Photography
Credit ?
Credit ?

   Can't you just feel their joy?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Bean Report June

The beans I started on April 19, and then put outdoors on May 21, with hope that they would continue to grow and climb are doing "OK." I say this because they were really ripped and windblown several times since they were placed under a tree close to the shore of the lake. I think they will grow but our season is so short I doubt there will be giant length beans. After all, it is a trail and error experiment. They were not put directly into the earth due to the rocky terrain and it wasn't an option. They also needed to be near something to climb. Here is what we see now.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Anni's Influence

She led me to another photo manipulation site and I have been a wayward woman this afternoon, playing and fooling around and not getting anything else done around here!

I already use 11 different FREE sites to play with my photos and this application is very similar. Of course IF I wanted to PAY for more options my world would be butt stuck in chair 24/7.

Here's what I did this afternoon.
Beach Ladies
Overkill Beach Scene
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Try it - you too might like too play a bit.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Strawberry Smother

All finished with the hulling, washing and freezing - for today. We are good to go to get more!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Strawberry Season

Last night was the "Strawberry Moon" and tonight is going to be strawberry shortcake! They don't come any better than these that were JUST picked locally. Bigger, prettier-looking berries can't compare with the juiciness and flavor of these.
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The Summer Solstice coincided with the rise of a full "Strawberry Moon." It hasn't occurred since 1967 and won't again until June 21, 2062. I'm fairly sure I won't be here. The Algonquin tribes named it because it indicated the time to gather berries. Another source says that it may have gotten its name from Native American tribes because it arrives in June, when strawberry season is at its peak. When the moon is close to the horizon, it takes on a reddish tint. In Europe the June full moon is sometimes known as the "Rose Moon." 

We're going back for more in two days. It is a "first come, first served " system because they are in heavy demand sold by the box or a flat of eight boxes. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Missy's Sunset SD 480p

Awaiting Sunset SD 480p

To the "Shore"

Our three daughters and a granddaughter spent a few days at the "shore" as they call it in NJ.

These four were celebrating the 60th birthday of one and the 56th of another. The weather was good and the water a bit chilly but "doable."

We have always said, once a beach baby always a beach baby. True!



Saturday, June 18, 2016


I really like to make these. All kinds of ideas are forming. The latest idea was that I ordered a new mouse pad with the image of my Flag Colors disc.

The others are "plain" but pretty to me.

Even James has a few to brighten his stance.
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I have another idea cooking and you'll see it soon.
Suncatchers in Action

Just click on the link above to see them spin. After viewing just come back to this page.  The chimes ringing in the breeze are old ones that my brother made many years ago. Sorry for the click click noise on the video. The camera makes that when I start and stop a movie. I don't know how to make the noise go away and it annoys me to no end. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Simple - That's me!

I think I'm just frustrated because the Mister wouldn't go along with my idea to have the old tree roots that were pulled out of the lake in May, dragged across the road and left in our empty grassy lawn. The contractor offered, but the Mister just wouldn't concede. Lost that aspiration. Just think what I could have created with it!
Lost but not forgotten
So now he has to put up with my juices flowing downhill in a simple, but strong rushing stream. (This energy had to go somewhere.)

You may ask, “What will you do with these?” 
I have plans…..
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