Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Not Boring Today

When the Mister looked out the kitchen window this early morning, a mother Canada goose and her growing gaggle were on our beachfront lawn - leaving nasty deposits. He shooed them away. He came back indoors and heard a woodpecker on the far side of the cabin gable and went out again and it flew away. (We hope it wasn't the pileated fellow we saw in a tree recently!) On his way back indoors he spotted that the mousetrap by the back door had a victim. After coffee we decided to go for a ride. Two deer in separate instances leaped out in front of us on the roadway. Shall I continue?

During the ride I spotted an entire fence line with buzzards -a/k/a turkey vultures- on each fencepost. As we approached, some flew away, but not all. There could've been around 20 of them but I was busy trying to get pictures of a few and couldn't count. We suspect a large carcass lay hidden nearby and they were making dinner plans.
We next passed a fancy stone wall and fence (notice no gate!) in front of a place that we don't believe was a private family home. There were no signs either, but please look closely at that wonderful stonework!
AND...just down the road a little bit, the colorful chanticleer stood awaiting a pickup. He is well weathered and folksy, isn't he? Or is he just being proud and fierce waking up the sun and dominating the barnyard?
The best was yet to come. At home. A neighbor's poppies are popping and there will be dozens more. They are a wonderful sight. 
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  1. i love the vultures on the fence posts and nice entrance, too. please link in to good fences on thursday if you would!

  2. Oh, how funny, the big birds on the fence. They warm themselves in the sun. Or they will break a national record for pole-squatting ;-)I love the artwork. Very beautiful, the different colors. But the most beautiful are the flowers in your blog. Thank you for showing all that read beauty.

  3. So glad to visit from Good Fences! I enjoyed your post and photos!
    Loved the weathered Chanticleer!
    Your new follower

  4. i love how the vultures are all perched on the posts! and that rooster is so cute!

  5. Well I'll say that was quite the ride you had. That was a bunch of turkey vultures perched on the fence line for sure. Pretty stone wall/fencing as well. The poppies were so bright and cheery.