Sunday, June 12, 2016

Beautiful Day!

Sometimes I just sit on the porch and relax for many minutes. I made this "Contemplation Tower" as a focus point when I'm pondering a subject that needs subconscious answers brought forth.  Weird? Nope! It works for me. I have always pondered - don't you?
Today is our 55th marriage anniversary. "They" said it wouldn't work. It works. It works because we respect each other's differences and space needs. It works, because we deeply care. Our marriage has always been a give and take and we never count which one gives or takes more than the other. It doesn't work that way. Money matters were NEVER fought over. We both knew that the love of money doesn't bring happiness. We struggled together making ends meet and still do.  Verbal communication is one of our handicaps - neither does well in that area but we find other ways to get along, mostly by action. Bumps in the road never became mountains because we stuck together and always will. We bonded in 1958 and knew nothing except that we wanted to be together and so it was done in 1961. We are glad we picked each other and hope to have more years together. It is a good and resilient relationship with our love being complete acceptance in all we say or do. 
(I don't mean we totally agree when I say accept. We don't have to agree to accept.)

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       Right, Henry?


  1. bless you both. i like your blue paper tower.

  2. Happy happy anniversary you two! Your words should be on a sign in every justice of the peace office and every church podium!! Today, divorce is just too easy to come by and as you so many words....marriage is a work between TWO people in love.

    The focal point for your pondering is a GREAT idea.

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful love story. Congratulations