Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Flower Run

I took a short buggy ride because I didn't want to get "dusted" when a car, or worse yet, a truck passes. Along the way I see that first blooms are dying and new ones are showing their beauty. I sure do like seeing these. A quick in and out was the plan today. They are without identification. I know most but not feeling it is as important as the colors.

 My heritage purple iris are either toppled over or coming out late. I'll try to get a photo of at least one! None here today.
New kid on the block . . . 
If I'm up to it tomorrow, I may buggy-wander over to the neighbor lake and see what's up and pretty there!
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Monday, May 29, 2023

Memorial Day 2023


I was brought up to be respectful of our American flag and all it stands for. I pledged allegiance to my flag every school morning before class started. My family always had a flag on a pole in our front yard, putting it up every morning and taking it down at sunset. The lives lost in all of the wars when protecting our country were remembered with dignified and solemn ceremonies. I have red white and blue in my heart, especially as I age, realizing the sacrifice that was made for our freedom. In 1947 at 11, I wrote this poem. The train had stopped in Morristown NJ, the town where we lived and we were there! I went aboard that train with my mother and brother. I saw what it carried!

Patriotism ruled in those days. Entire families waited on the train station platform for this special happening in our small town.

The Freedom Train - Complete Piece

Oh Freedom Train we’re glad to say,
you’re like the flag we use today.
With royal colors, red and blue,
Inside we’ll go to look at you,

Oh, papers rare, and very old,
Are precious more than mints of gold.
With rights secured will always be,
So safe and pure for you and me.

Slogan: The Freedom Train is a symbol of freedom.

By Geraldine, 1947


Original Freedom Train with an Honor Guard Detachment of 29 United States Marines in their dress blues who guarded the train and served as interpreters. The Red, White and Blue Diesel Electric Streamliner traveled on a 37,160-mile tour which began in Philadelphia on September 17, 1947, traveling to all 48 states, and ended on January 22, 1949 in Washington D.C. 
It was the only train-set ever to operate in every state, operating on 52 different railroads. Over 3 million people went aboard the Train during its stops in 326 cities and towns across the land. At many of the stops, people waited in line more than six hours to go aboard. The highest single-day attendance was 14,615. The Freedom Train housed America's most precious documents and other national treasures, including the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, one of the 13 original copies of the Constitution, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address, the Iwo Jima flag, the German and Japanese surrender documents that ended World War II, a precious original of the Magna Carta, written in 1215.                  

Monday, May 22, 2023


The wind blew so strongly yesterday that it took Jame's garland off its fasteners at the back of his head. Today I put it back on.

The yellow jackets were already looking for a place in his body to build a new nest. 
While I was out there at the old garden area I spied two flowers in bloom that I don't remember seeing before. One is the Star-of- Bethlehem, and is a perennial weed developing from a bulb. I nipped one off and will add it to my wildflower house bouquet. The other is a Wild Hyacinth hiding in the Chive blossom buds. The thousands of chives are doing very well - again!  Then, of course the Pickerel weed is everywhere!

Cypress Spurge is doing well this year as it is everywhere today in the old garden.  
As I drove up the road a bit to turn around I spotted the grove of Jack-in-the Pulpits. I thought they were doomed because the road department scraped the roadside of the bank where they grew. I pulled one to replant here. There were at least a dozen flourishing on that bank.
The glass is full today. Buttercups are abundant.
OH, almost forgot to show you what I did for supper last night. A dozen are in the freezer and I ate three! It was a project I have been promising myself to do. (Had to dip into my stash of my brother's homemade maple syrup.) Soooooo successful and delicious. It's been a while! Now I will just pop a couple in the toaster. Homemade is best!

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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Keeping Busy

Three days ago I made another batch of pickled eggs and baby beets. I have been looking at a chocolate cake mix in the cupboard but just not in the mood to bake. I did put together a tuna macaroni salad yesterday. Somehow this 'foodie' is uninspired to work in the kitchen. My new chest freezer is working well so I'd better get started to fill it!

Today I dressed James with his summer garland and he looks nice because it hides all the damage his body is enduring. No photo this time. I was too tired and not inspired, I guess. After rejuvenating a bit I went back out, pulled a few weeds and planted the Chinese Lantern plants that a friend brought to me from her garden. I think they are strong enough to grow well. Then I scattered wildflower seeds in the old rock garden. Heaven only knows if they will grow. I moved on to the other end of that garden and put poppy seeds in the soil-filled container, lightly raking them in with my fingers. I do have high hopes for them. I never found someone willing to donate an old boat so I could plant my flower garden in it. When I was up at the old overgrown garden, I saw that the chives and tansy are doing well. There are tons of large Lily of the Valley already in bloom. They are everywhere around the cabin. Every year I pick some. Do you know that they are the birth flower for May? It seems appropriate now to pick some as six friends, two daughters, two grandsons, all have May birthdays. My mother loved the fragrance and wore the Eau De Toilette. I do as well. Her father, also wore that fragrance in a men's version. He always smelled so sweet!

I put the buggy out in the driveway hoping it would rain and wash away all the dust that is covering it. Used it a little to get around on the lawn but had to wash the seat first! The fern and Heritage Iris are up and thriving. Lastly, I placed the Kalanchoe, that was a gift from Yardman and his wife to me at Easter, outdoors by the carport pillar I hope it survives the summer. It is a tropical, succulent plant in the stonecrop family. It is recommended that it be in sun and warmth. Here's hoping! I did notice that several of the little blossoms in many of the clumps were different color. My guess is that they are older than the rest.
The hummingbirds are fighting like crazy! They must be very thirsty and I have never seen such constant attacks! Oh! A gaggle! There are four goslings following the goose and there is no gander in sight. I did recently see an eagle grab up a fish from the lake, and a Baltimore oriole trying to perch on the clothesline as it swings and vibrates with its weight. The brightness of his feathers was awesome.  Several yellow finches do the same thing. As for wildlife...  my daughter has a huge bear raiding her neighborhood at night. That will be another story.

Rain! Come on in! I still have wild sweet pea seeds to sow!

Monday, May 15, 2023


It was time to clean and put away the humidifier. DONE.

My Yardman and helper are here cutting up and removing the large limb that fell on the bank just behind the cabin. I was going to contact the owner of that property where it grew, but when I found out he was older than I am, decided not to bother and just have the parts that are on my side of the line (laying on the precious Periwinkle that covers the bank) cut off and removed. 

Yardman has been storing in his home freezer, the 5 half-gallons of cider I saved from my large freezer when it quit. Today he brought me two of them to give the new one a trial! YES! I have a new freezer. My son and grandson brought it here on Mother's Day and set it up. Today the gauge reads -10° so I will soon be putting it to full use.
I love the Potter's new pinch pots that have wonderful color. Just might HAVE to have one!
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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Tribute - Mother was a Sharing Lady

Not counting the afghans she created for me and my sons and daughters, she kept her hands very busy in later years before having to enter a skilled nursing home due to an awful fall breaking her femur. Some were sold, some were donated or made as gifts. She not only made these afghans, she documented them with her camera - hanging each one on her backyard clothesline to get the shot!  I'm so fortunate to have found these images in an old album!

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