Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bridge Foundation Repair

Well I cannot go into the technicalities of how this is done because you'd never understand my explanation. I'm just happy that the cracks in the old bridge underpinnings are being fixed. Also it is nice that local men are doing the work.  They're the ones that tugged the old tree log from the lake. There are many 'macgyvers' in this area that get things done and done well.

It all started with the big Cat's arrival and some concrete forms being delivered and then a wooden form being built and filled under the bridge. 
Today they are working on the other side, and patching and pumping their work area to have easier access to the wall. An inspector also checks on the work done to date and has been here several times.
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Well, that's all the excitement for today!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

It's a beautiful day and it is for remembering our veterans who have served our country in all branches of the armed forces. I'm very proud to be an American and hope you are too.
The iris that I haven't seen in over 16 years are blooming! We have always been in SC in May so it is a lovely sight because my dad planted them way back when... I really like the colors.
And the pretty geranium plant in Henry has many buds starting to open! There will be a full bouquet soon! 
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Looking back, and I cannot forget that I fell and broke my shoulder four years ago on Memorial Day weekend; just another kind of remembering.....

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Resting Place no More..

I will admit that we never liked the pink flamingoes and were glad they vacated BUT not really glad that the log is beached. History:  In 2011 a log with two flamingoes and a couple of lights floated to a spot from the far end of the lake and stayed directly in front of us. We don't know who "decorated" it. After the tropical storm in August it ended up by the spillway and dam. A couple of years later the flamingoes "flew away" and the log remained a favorite roost for the local birds and a turtle 'hang out' to soak up sun.
The crew that was repairing the leak in the bridge over the spillway dragged it out. Because I am intrigued by gnarly wood and old things, I had to capture it in photographs before it disappeared completely. Another piece of lake history is gone. It was really long and hidden beneath the surface!
To me it is a wonderful and beautiful display of nature, life and death.
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Bee Trap INFO

The fellow who did our home maintenance and restoration and staining work added these two traps one at each end high up on the cabin after he was finished. I have had several requests for information and questions about where to get one. After a bit of simple internet research I found the exact two models that are in use here. I will say that they do work. 



You will have to click on the images to be able to read the product information sharper and larger.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday At the Cabin

To the rescue!  Our neighbor up the road had a battery failure this morning. I looked out the window as I was drinking my coffee and I saw her PUSHING her golf cart off to the side of the road on top of the dam. She's 82 and was taking her dog for the usual early morning  ride. My Mister immediately got in our car and rode over to help her by towing it home. I'm gonna slap her if she hugs him any more than she did! Yes, we are all old friends. We felt her pain when we saw her standing there without power. Pushing it! Indeed!
After all of the drama, I took a short walk around to check on the growing things. All is well. The chives are in bloom, the white Geranium is thriving and the bees are being trapped. The jar in that contraption is filling fast. The one hanging at the other end of the cabin has started collecting these awful hole-drillers too. When the traps are full we will have to get someone to climb up and empty these wonderful inventions.
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Thursday, May 26, 2016


Day 1 - Tuesday - Log Building Maintenance and Restoration was here and spent the day power washing the cabin. One man only - who came from Milton PA, three hours away. "Ken" stayed at the Inn in town. He needed a big rest and good dinner so he can do the necessary repairs and then do the staining tomorrow. Do you have ANY idea how tired we ALL were? His usual helper is on vacation! It is a job that must be completed before the perennial plants get too tall. We were responsible for moving porch items and carport items away to do the work. We were so busy I didn't even have the ambition or motivation to take any pictures! Nada! Glad our old place is small! He has the windows taped over and then we will have a huge job getting all 13 clean as we like them. I did take couple of pictures after he left.

Water came in the window cracks at the edges too so when the entire job is finished, we’ll have to open each one (13 of them open to the inside of the cabin) and clean the inside of the outside window, the outside of the inside window, and then the inside of the inside window. He has them taped up now and we can’t see out.(The outside storm windows are never removed anymore due to the road dust conditions.)

Day 2 - Wednesday - We woke up to glare of a wonderful sunny day but couldn't look out at all.The weather was absolutely perfect for the project as there was a light breeze and no humidity. How lucky we all were!

The work was started at 7am and the day became became hot! We learned that he incorporates a special insect repellent in the stain. He plugged all of the carpenter bee holes and will hang two traps when staining is finished. A couple of places were caulked as well.
Day 3 - Thursday - We are almost all finished with putting things back. What a wonderful change for the old place with the much-needed renewal. This worker was one of the most courteous, diligent, knowledgeable and skillful employees the log maintenance business could ever find to do this type of project. His work was done with pride and neatness.

Now I plan to plant some flowers in front after the daffodil leaves have drained back into the bulbs and can be cut off. 

Daffodil leaves should not be cut back until after they have turned yellow. Daffodils use their leaves to create energy, which is then used to create next year's flower. If you cut back daffodils before the leaves have turned yellow, the daffodil bulb will not produce a flower next year.
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