Sunday, May 22, 2016


The very tiny hummingbirds feed all day long - one at a time. It is very rare to see two at the feeder here. They are feisty and nervous when feeding - all but one! Every evening around 7:30 this little one comes and roosts on the small metal trellis I put in Henry's back. It sits and sits and fluffs its feathers, gets a long and relaxed drink and then sits some more on the trellis. It sometimes flys away, but comes right back and sits again and wiggles its tail and looks around. Once in a while very early in the morning it returns. I know it is the same one because it is very roly poly and none of the others are.

This little bird is special. I used to name them and now will call him "Pax." This  means "peace" in Latin. In Roman mythology this was the name of the goddess of peace. It gives me peace to watch it. I am not steady enough to get great pictures, but you will get the idea by looking at the photos below. 
click on image to see "Pax" closer


  1. i love it. tiny little blessing.

  2. What I wouldn't give for a pond in MY back yard like yours!! Of course, lovin' the hummer.