Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Resting Place no More..

I will admit that we never liked the pink flamingoes and were glad they vacated BUT not really glad that the log is beached. History:  In 2011 a log with two flamingoes and a couple of lights floated to a spot from the far end of the lake and stayed directly in front of us. We don't know who "decorated" it. After the tropical storm in August it ended up by the spillway and dam. A couple of years later the flamingoes "flew away" and the log remained a favorite roost for the local birds and a turtle 'hang out' to soak up sun.
The crew that was repairing the leak in the bridge over the spillway dragged it out. Because I am intrigued by gnarly wood and old things, I had to capture it in photographs before it disappeared completely. Another piece of lake history is gone. It was really long and hidden beneath the surface!
To me it is a wonderful and beautiful display of nature, life and death.
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  1. i prefer natural to flamingo'd, too. :)

  2. Makes me wonder if you ever saw the movie "Pink Flamingos".