Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday At the Cabin

To the rescue!  Our neighbor up the road had a battery failure this morning. I looked out the window as I was drinking my coffee and I saw her PUSHING her golf cart off to the side of the road on top of the dam. She's 82 and was taking her dog for the usual early morning  ride. My Mister immediately got in our car and rode over to help her by towing it home. I'm gonna slap her if she hugs him any more than she did! Yes, we are all old friends. We felt her pain when we saw her standing there without power. Pushing it! Indeed!
After all of the drama, I took a short walk around to check on the growing things. All is well. The chives are in bloom, the white Geranium is thriving and the bees are being trapped. The jar in that contraption is filling fast. The one hanging at the other end of the cabin has started collecting these awful hole-drillers too. When the traps are full we will have to get someone to climb up and empty these wonderful inventions.
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  1. glad you saw her and could help!
    i have carpenter bees in my shed. they'll eventually destroy the beams.

  2. I'd give Ed a hug too for his help and a double hug to you for noticing a neighbor in need.

  3. LOL on the 'slapping urge'. Too funny. But, I understand that too. At 82 years old, she must be strong. Heck, I would have trouble...even with a golf cart. More power to her.

    Carpenter Bees...not good.