Saturday, May 21, 2016

Still at It - I'm All Over the Place

First the beans were weaned and are out on their own. It's now up to Mother Nature. I hope they will be able to climb the two very old trees. The sun shines there most of the day in the summertime.
Up in front of the old rock garden are left-over pipe pieces and one now has geraniums. I really wanted red but the garden center only had white left. It's fine. 
I thought the new standby generator could use a little enhancement. For a while, anyway. Nothing exotic, just bright and cheery. Marigolds are always cheery!
The empty space in front by the porch step-up sports a pot of Osteospermum Pink Spider  blooms. They look a bit raggedy now but will perk up soon.
"Henry" has a just-started Regal Elegance Imperial Purple Magesty Geranium on his back. 
This is what it should look like as time goes on - HOPEFULLY! 
As for the lake activities, there is a guy fishing (hmmmm I don't see his boat sticker license and he is using an electric motor) and there is bridge and dam work started. Busy place here!
Now let's go inside the cabin. I simply can't resist showing you the beautiful fresh eggs that our daughter brought over. 
And last and least, I've made 3 gift card envelopes and expect to create more soon. EASY!
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  1. Aren't you the creative! It looks like a beautiful day when you took those pictures.
    I used to own a row boat just like that. I would go down to Cape Cod with the boat and stay at a friends house. We'd go trout fishing at one of the many ponds down there. Fun times.