Friday, May 20, 2016

Jumping Around Like a Crazy Woman

IF I could jump that is what you would say because there is no method in my madness!  First it was getting my little Portulaca into pots. That meant lots of bending and digging into the bucket of potting soil.
Then I had the "separation" talk with my baby beans and told them that they would be leaving the nest in a day or two. They are getting out of hand when they grow indoors.

There are SIX family member birthdays in May and I created cards. My firstborn turns 60! Wow I must be getting old, you think? 

My daughter brought me a tiny bouquet of her bleeding hearts and I put them in a very small shot glass, I never knew she had white ones! SO SWEET! (She will be 56!)
I took a walk up into the old "Rock Garden" that once upon a long time ago was a wonderful place as Mother had planted various and sometimes unusual varieties. Now most of those are gone and currently the Chives and Tansy have taken over just as soon as the Daffodils finished showing off their yellow beauty.  Oh my aching back!
The old birdhouse might be in use. It's too high to see into it and it hasn't been cleaned out in many years. (It doesn't come apart!) The design was poor, wasn't it?
Several years ago I threw some wildflower mix seeds into the garden area and today there is a white bloom. It isn't a Queen Ann's Lace and I think it is Yarrow. Or...maybe it is a survivor of Mother's plantings.
Perhaps I'll get to show you my big black tub flower, Henry's bouquet, some large Marigolds and Beans plus more papercraft soon. Gotta get those beans OUT! I think I'm on SC withdrawal -  beach and pool no more in May and June. I am here and I love it here.  
By the way, if you click on an image you can see the images larger. 

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  1. I would love to live where you live. Nice pics! Looks like you had a beautiful day. I know nothing about flowers but I do like to look at them.