Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Perspective

Today something a bit odd struck me and I wonder who else would see it right away. I was reading a book that was given to me via delivery from my daughter from a friend of hers. I have been reading it for a couple of weeks and really learned a greater understanding about Galileo and his trials and tribulations through his lifetime of discoveries and the difficulty conveying them to others. Had I gone to the library I probably wouldn't have selected this book to read.

As I was in the Mister's recliner, trying to keep my feet up more, I had him toss me a pillow to rest under the book, which was heavy and large, to have it placed better for reading. He took the pillow  that was given to me by a fellow office worker when I was preparing to move from our larger home into the cabin on the lake. That was about twenty years ago.

Now to the meat of my story: What do YOU see when you look at this picture?
You will probably say, "A pillow and a book" and you would be correct. Do you see anything else?
You would reply, "I see stars and the sky, just like Galileo did," and you would be correct. Do you see anything else?
No? Well they I'll tell you what I saw and thought it was a nice correlation. 

BOTH HAVE THE EXACT COLOR THEME! LOOK AGAIN! Greens, golds, browns. (besides the fact that the pillow has the stars and skies.)

In my first image you might even think that the top of the book was a part of the pillow!
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  1. i like that 'kismet' connection.

  2. so glad you're enjoying the book

  3. Me? I noticed the color theme right away, but I really wouldn't have mentioned it...I was looking more in the lines of something that was used identical in each.

    1. PS....I've been tempted to pick up this book a few times at the used book store. Now, I think I will.