Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Projects Progress

First of all there is my ongoing paper project. I ordered a scoring board from the internet as none of the shops in a 30 mile radius had one!  I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts,  Michael's,  A.C. Moore and even Walmart. I hate paying shipping charges but had no other choice and just HAD to have it! I love this board! I helps me to make sharper creases and I have even made two gift envelopes in different sizes. I'm nowhere near finished with exploring more ideas.
After putting together a LARGE batch of beans and burger chili, which is in the crock pot as I write, I took my growing beans outdoors to harden. I will bring them in each night as it still is too cool to plant. Fourteen of the sixteen seeds that I planted have germinated. I refer to them as "My Babies."
Now my flower pots need to be seeded. The soil awaits.
My brother just brought me a supply of his Yukon Gold potatoes to use as he is getting ready to plant the sprouted ones in his garden. We love these yellow skinned, yellow fleshed delicious potatoes!
Please click on image to enlarge for better viewing
I'll be busy and am energized!

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