Saturday, June 18, 2016


I really like to make these. All kinds of ideas are forming. The latest idea was that I ordered a new mouse pad with the image of my Flag Colors disc.

The others are "plain" but pretty to me.

Even James has a few to brighten his stance.
click on image to view larger
I have another idea cooking and you'll see it soon.
Suncatchers in Action

Just click on the link above to see them spin. After viewing just come back to this page.  The chimes ringing in the breeze are old ones that my brother made many years ago. Sorry for the click click noise on the video. The camera makes that when I start and stop a movie. I don't know how to make the noise go away and it annoys me to no end. 


  1. I loved watching the twirling of the suncatcher, and the wings on the bird...the windchimes are so beautiful...your brother made them? Awesome.

    Oh and the view is perfect.