Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Strawberry Season

Last night was the "Strawberry Moon" and tonight is going to be strawberry shortcake! They don't come any better than these that were JUST picked locally. Bigger, prettier-looking berries can't compare with the juiciness and flavor of these.
Click image to experience

The Summer Solstice coincided with the rise of a full "Strawberry Moon." It hasn't occurred since 1967 and won't again until June 21, 2062. I'm fairly sure I won't be here. The Algonquin tribes named it because it indicated the time to gather berries. Another source says that it may have gotten its name from Native American tribes because it arrives in June, when strawberry season is at its peak. When the moon is close to the horizon, it takes on a reddish tint. In Europe the June full moon is sometimes known as the "Rose Moon." 

We're going back for more in two days. It is a "first come, first served " system because they are in heavy demand sold by the box or a flat of eight boxes. 


  1. So many strawberries! Yummy. I have seen a nice photo on Twitter made by NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams.

  2. I mean that I have seen the Strawberry Moon on a pic on Twitter ;-)