Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Successful Mission To Space

I was sitting on the edge of my seat while watching the lift-off and landing of the first human flight into space taking place. This first human flight into and return from space was emotional and I KNOW my Mister was watching it as well, in his own way. He loved the space programs, the skies, the planets and air adventures. 

As the crew came out of the capsule I had a strong urge to hug each of them and push away the others in my way so I could! I wanted to jump up and down with Wally. An extremely exciting moment of a lifetime happened !

What a historic day! The entire flight was so much more than I had expected and was a job well done!

Many years ago I created my versions of what space would look like to me.



  1. The thoughts of “space” is frightening to me. But I do like your depiction of it.

  2. So glad you are finding your artwork rewarding and getting your 'buggy' up and running. 👍❤