Friday, July 16, 2021

Garden Favorites

Hiding in the corner!

Rose Campion is often mistaken for Lamb's Ear because of its color and texture but the leaves are narrow. It has long stems that can grow as tall as three feet! The little one inch hot pink blooms really stand out. I did not plant this. There has never been one here before. I think they are called "volunteers" meaning that the seeds either blew in from another garden or a bird left some. It has other names such as mullein-pink and bloody William! 

From the internet (Circa 1828) "A beloved old plant once called Mullein Pink and Lamp Flower, as the felted leaves once were used in the making of wicks. Its brilliant magenta coloring is electric in combination with the silver-gray leaves on branching stems. An easy to grow, long-blooming and low maintenance plant, simply deadhead or cut back to its leafy rosette after flowering, leaving a few to self sow and renew your plantings. Summer Bloom."


I saw hummingbirds drinking nectar from the Hosta this morning. I just wasn't quick enough to capture them.

And...for good measure!
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  1. Love these! I have Rose Campion here!

  2. They kinda look like a wine cup. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  3. I used to have rose campion in my garden but, somehow, lost it. I love the wooly leaves. I know where some is growing along the roadside. Maybe I can bring a few seeds home.

  4. We had Rose Campion up north : )