Friday, July 23, 2021

"Tis the Season!"

For blueberries that is! My friend the potter sent me some photos of his blueberry bush fruits and they are really beautiful this year. He also showed them in a pot that he made, and it is a combination of beauties for sure! Now I must admit that they are NOT my favorite fruit. I much prefer Loring peaches or dark cherries or apples. I do however, find the beauty of these berries - in fact all berries are beautiful, aren't they?

Of course I had to 'play' with his berry photos. The closeups of them is marvelous and I sure like magnified images of nature's beautiful creations.

All photos without additional 'add-ons' are courtesy of Al.
 please click on image to view larger 


  1. Haaa! Very nice editing, Gere! I knew you would like the close up views! I love you plant and bug photos! In a perfect world we would take 12 of those and blow them up huge and do an art show together with some large pots and plant impression. Then we could go have wine and eat cheese at the gallery!

    1. I like your idea. It could be done in this imperfect world as well...

  2. I love FRESH blueberries. But, once they are cooked, nope

  3. I am with Anni - love blueberries fresh but a cobbler is nice too! I usually rob every berry from my one little bush before there’s enough for pie, but , though.