Wednesday, February 22, 2023

It's a Process

I would like my readers to understand a little bit about my love for handmade-pottery! I did a little bit of it in grades 7-9 and it was a class I always looked forward to. Then in high school, I had another class once a week. I didn't like the male teacher because bad vibes came to me when he was close so that ended my venture in that craft. I would now like you to fathom why I purchased another one. It was the process plus the result that I saw. My potter friend and artist is a very special fellow. He explores multiple and varied subjects and is very intelligent. Anyway, my new vase is one of his "Valentine Vases" though I am unable to think of it by that name. To me it is my birthday vase.  

Please read on and you might understand something you didn't know about this particular recent project. The following text is from his web page. It is a heavy vase and one of 16, I believe.


This Vase is part of the Valentine Vase 2023 collection and was created by my hand on the pottery wheel in Laceyville, Pennsylvania. It was then glazed with my hand-mixed glaze and refined and finished in the flames of the gas updraft kilns.

Wood chips were added in the kiln at the end of the firing to produce smoke that creates a reduced atmosphere interacting with the glaze in exciting ways. Specks of carbon become trapped within the glaze, a process called Carbon Trapping.

These vases may not be for everyone, but only those who enjoy and appreciate the process these pots underwent to gain their many layers of color and texture.

I do hope you enjoy the vase for years to come. Thanks so much for supporting handmade, and I will do my best to continue creating work that matters for folks who care.

Approximate Dimensions:

8 Inches Tall

5.5 Inches Wide


  1. Carbon I know how it's created!!

  2. Thanks so much Gere! I enjoyed the visit and conversation! Thanks so much for the little write-up here! Glad you enjoy seeing what is going on!