Thursday, March 18, 2021


Would you believe that the "plan" for us from our dental visit today is REALLY out of the Question? 

Every year we have the cleanings and x-rays and exams as required to remain patients of our local dental LLC. Every year we pay as we go. If we don't have the $ we postpone the appointment until we do. Thank goodness we haven't had a dental emergency. Well..... today things were done differently. A complete review of our health, medicines, and basic habits was performed, along with a blood pressure test and, after the cleanings, a mouth exam was carried out by the dentist. Two chairs in the waiting room, no TV or music. No more bowl to spit into. No more secretary at the main desk to print out the receipt, make the next appointments, etc. (Yes, there is a receptionist.) The technician who does the cleaning has to do all of that now. It is like a production. Covid has left its mark.  Yes, everyone is very nice and polite and considerate, but their "plan" for us is so far out of reach that is is laughable! I won't go into detail except to tell you that I should have $3,759.00 of work done in my treatment plan and the Mister should have $4,029.00 of work done in his which may include lower partials or root canals with posts and crowns. Remember we are age 85 and have done our best to care for our teeth all these years. 

Well, our own plans include another cleaning in September and I may have a filling replaced in June. I've already started saving for that filling!

"Our mission is simple. Your well-being is our highest priority. We provide you with a personal, professional dental experience using the latest technology and techniques. That’s the Progressive Dental difference."

Yes, they are great and we are fortunate to have them so nearby and convenient.


  1. Dental work is expensive! My spouse urges me to get a dental discount plan but my favorite dentist does not participate in one.

  2. This is the new normal ! Uneeded xrays and other treatments. Dentists pretending to be doctors. My sister was sent for xrays which cost $600 to assess an infection in a molar. All so unecessary. Dentists here are making lots of money but that does not stop them from gouging the public : (