Friday, March 5, 2021

Keeping Warm

Well, I'll bet a bunch that you never would think of someone writing about a red rubber bottle! It just popped into my mind and I have to get the memory out. OUT! I say, "OUT!!"

First, I would like to say that I love my electric blanket that our daughter gave to me a couple of years ago. I never thought I would use one. When we moved into the cabin in 1997 there were two here and I gave them away because I was afraid of them catching fire. They were old. I started using my new one and now really count on it to keep my feet and legs warm in the winter months. No more wearing long johns and socks to bed! Even when I would stand in front of the fireplace gas insert to warm up and make a 'dash' to the bed, the heat would be gone and I'd have a hard time getting to sleep. Not now. 

As a child of the 40's and 50's the bedding covers were older quilts, lined with wool batting. They were tattered and heavy, we were young, I don't remember being cold. BUT! When we were sick, the hot water bottle was called into action as a belly warmer, foot warmer, neck warmer and more. I think it was common custom to find the red rubber bottle with all of the extra 'parts' hanging on hooks on the back of bathroom doors. At least several were in that exact same place when I used friend's bathrooms! It was common. Never once did I wonder what the extra tubes were for. Now I know. I have no idea if ours were ever used. I just remember the comfort of that red rubber bottle, filled with hot water and covered in a flannel slip-on made a difference. I see they are still sold. Do you have one? I don't. 



  1. I know what the tubes were ...and yes, my folks had them. My grandmother used to heat brick, wrap them in cloth & put them at the foot of the bed to keep feet warm.

  2. this is a lot saver then hot stones or coals in your bed like old times!

  3. this is a lot saver then hot stones or coals in your bed like old times!

  4. I remember hot water bottles well, but now I use a microwavable hot/cold jell pack. On chilly nights I warm it, tuck it under the covers and put my feet on it. I sleep like a baby when my feet are warm.